Unit 1
Section A. The Temptation of a Respectable Woman 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 8 Her husband expected his friend, Gouvernail, to stay about one or two weeks in their home. He was a boring and withdrawn person with a strange personality. She decided to leave for her aunt's house and wouldn't come back till Gouvernai l left their home. A once ambitious person, Gouvernail now became one with the mere desire to enjo y a genuine life now and then. His tones of voice and personal charm. She was afraid that she could not resist being attracted by Gouvernail. He mistook his wife's feeling towards Gouvernail for pure dislike. She had overcome both her misunderstanding of and her subtle feelings towards G ouvernail. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. III, p. 8 Idle melting imposes penetrate presence nuisance nonsense keen 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IV, p. 9 run down taken seriously drinking in in no sense made excellent observations on counted on for my part make a fuss 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. V, p. 9 sanctions Restrictions fine limits problems tax
responsibility 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VI, p. 10 justify glorify exemplifies classified purified intensify identify terrified 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VII, p. 10 bravery jewellery delivery machinery robbery nursery scenery discovery 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VIII, p. 11 She said it might have been all right, if the weather had been goodMrs. Baroda said she might have liked Gouvernail if he had been like the others. If I had been there, I could have helped you. He could have got tickets if there had been some cheap ones. Mrs. Baroda might have yielded to the temptation if she hadn't been a respectab le and sensible person. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IX, p. 11 "You were different then." "So was she." "You used to say he was a man of wit." "So he is." "You've made a mistake here." "Oh, so I have. Thank you." "Children should behave themselves." "So should adults. ." "This glass is cracked." "Oh, so it is. I hadn't noticed." 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. X, p. 12 He imposed his company upon her in spite of her repeated hints of hoping to be left alone. His friends can never count upon how he is going to act under given conditions, as he is always full of surprises. Don't make a fuss about such a small thing because that is the last thing I exp ected. Besides being an upright and respectable woman Mrs. Baroda was also a very sens
ible one. She had never known her thoughts to be so confused, unable to gather anything f rom them. From Gouvernail's talk, Mrs. Baroda came to know that his periods of silence we re not his basic nature, but the result of moods. To Gaston's delight, his wife had finally overcome her dislike for Gouvernail a nd invited Gouvernail to visit them again wholly from herself. Mrs. Baroda felt confused with Gouvernail's puzzling nature and found it hard t o penetrate the silence in which he had unconsciously covered himself. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. XI, p. 12 在一起呆了几天,她仍感到对这个客人很陌生,只得大部分时间让丈夫陪着他. 加斯顿拉了拉妻子的衣袖,双手搂着她的腰,快乐地望着她那充满困惑的眼睛. 他在她身旁的长凳上坐下,丝毫不曾想到她可能会反对他坐在那儿. 他的话变成了一串毫无意义的动词,名词,副词和形容词,她陶醉在他的声音里. 那晚,巴罗达太太很想把自己的一时荒唐告诉丈夫?也是她的朋友,但还是忍住了. 他照例说了些诸如这个季节的夜风对身体不好之类的话.后来,望着茫茫夜色,他开始谈了起 来. "噢,"她笑着,在他唇上印了长长的温柔的一吻,"我一切都已经克服了!你会看到的,这次我 会对他很好." 而现在他只求能生存,只是偶尔才能体验到一丝真正的生活的气息,就像此刻这样. Section B. The Obligations and Responsibilities to Marriage XVI. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions
  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVII, p. 24 obligation continuity sacrific acknowledged passion scattered worship elastic 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVIII, p. 24 in; in in/by to on at behind to from
Unit 2
Section A Comprehension o f the text
  1. He lived a poor and miserable life during his childhood.

  2. Because no one in Britain appeared to appreciate his talent for comedy. His comic figures did not conform to British standards.
  3. Because his dress and behavior didn't seem that English.
  4. It was the first movie in which Chaplin spoke.
  5. He used his physical senses to invent his art as he went along without a prepared script.
  6. His transformation of lifeless objects into other kinds of objects, plus the skill with which he executed it again and again.
  7. She brought stability and happiness to him and became a center of calm in his family.
  8. Comic. Vocabulary III.
  1. coarse
  2. betrayed
  3. incident
  4. postponed
  5. execute
  6. surrounding
  7. applause
  8. extraordinary
  9. clumsy
  10. sparked IV.
  2. against
  3. up
  4. about
  5. up
  6. to
  7. down
  8. down
  9. in
  10. on V. l. I
  10.A Collocation<br />VI.
  1. service
  2. help/hand
  3. influence
  4. guarantee
  5. visit
  6. span .
  7. welcome
  8. spirit
  9. duties
  10. buildings Word Building VII.
  1. artist
  2. terrorist
  3. novelist
  4. activists
  5. biologists
  6. idealist
  7. capitalists
  8. tourist VIII.
  1. terrorism
  2. industrialism
  3. realism
  4. idealism
  5. criticism
  6. heroism
  7. racism
  8. Modernism sentence structure IX
  1. If I had known that you were coming, I would have met you at the airport.
  2. If he had tried to leave the country, he would have been stopped at the border.
  3. If we had found him earlier, we could have saved his life.
  4. If I had caught that plane, I would have been killed in the air crash.
  5. If he had been in good health, he could have written many books. X.
  1. it is a wonder to find
  2. It is a surprise for us to find
  3. it is a waste of time to argue with him
  4. It's a comfort to know
  5. It is a relief for us to learn
  1. If the characters in this comedy had been more humorous, it would have attracted a larger audience.
  2. She has never lost faith in her own ability, so it is a possibility for her to become a successful actress.
  3. I never had formal training, I just learned as I went along.
  4. As their products find their way into the international market, their brand is gaining in popularity.
  5. She could make up a story by saying she was knocked unconscious by thieves and that all her money was gone, but she doubted whether she could make it sound believable.
  6. No one was certain whether he postponed the visit on purpose, but this brought more criticism of him. Cloze XIII. 1 .C
  2. B
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C 11 .D
  12. A
  16. D
  19. B
  20. A Structured Writing XV. Charlie Chaplin is a great comic for his native land Britain, but even more so for the world. On the stage he often wore tiny moustaches, huge pants and tailcoats that were perhaps more characteristic of Europeans and may be not much of the British. Since more than half of the roles Chaplin played were in silent films, people throughout the world had no difficulty understanding his films. With sound movies, Chaplin created a nonsense language that sounded like no known nationality and was accepted and appreciated by people all over the world. For most of his lifetime he did not stay in his mother country; he traveled throughout the world to appear on stage for people of different nationalities
Unit 3
Section A. Longing for a New Welfare System 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 66 He means that a welfare client is believed to lie to get a little extra welfare money and those caseworkers know it well. He has chosen to live an honest life by drumming up some business outside and d rawing cartoons for magazines. They know clearly that they are being made fools of by some of their clients, a nd they feel they are entitled to have clients bow to them as compensation.
He doesn't think those caseworkers are to blame so he isn't being bitter. Because he believes it practically requires people to lie. He had to call a caseworker he called Suzanne first. After giving a little lect ure, Suzanne was supposed to notify the medical worker, who would certify that there was a problem. Then the medical worker called the wheelchair repair compa nies to get the cheapest bid. Then the medical worker alerted the main welfare office. They considered the matter for days before calling back and approving t he repair, if he was lucky. The system so easily lends itself to abuse by the welfare givers as well as by the clients. He dreams of a new system that will encourage the clients and help them to deve lop their talents, rather than seek to convict them of cheating. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. III, p. 66 convicted donation bleeding entitled profile pension thrive receipt 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IV, p. 67 up to back of around into for to 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. V, p. 67 pressure hardships pain defeat delay hunger conditions temper 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VI, p. 68 longish animal-like selfish honey-like
ball-like boyish yellowish goodish 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VII, p. 68 politicians technician comedian musicians physicians electricians beautician magician 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VIII, p. 69 The wanted man is believed to be living in New York. Many people are said to be homeless after the floods. Three men are said to have been arrested after the explosion. The prisoner is thought to have escaped by climbing over the wall. Four people are reported to have been seriously injured in the accident. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IX, p. 69 He tried sending her flowers, but it didn't have any effect. I don't regret telling her what I thought, even if I upset her. She remembered reading a biography about Charlie Chaplin, which described him a s a Marxist. We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you employment. He welcomed the new student and then went on to explain the college regulations . 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. X, p. 70 You are legally entitled to take faulty goods back to the store where you purch ased them, but you are supposed to account for why you want to do so. You only need to fill out a form to get your membership, which entitles you to a discount on goods. One year ago, the car dealer tried to drum up buyers by offering good services. Now, his business is thriving. The crime was looked into carefully before he was convicted of murder. I called the Freeway Service Patrol for help after my car broke down on the fre eway. Twenty minutes later, they came to my rescue and left a $ 150 receipt. Faced with the threat of losing their jobs, these workers yielded to the manage ment's advice and went back to work . The middle-aged man who took the boy bled the father for $20,000 as a compensat ion for the loss of his company. The man living on welfare began to set up his own market, one step at a time an d his business is thriving. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. XI, p. 70
每个人都觉得靠社会福利救济的人在骗人. 但即使我抵抗不住这种诱惑,我投稿的那些大杂志也不愿给自己惹麻烦. 社会工作者心底里知道许多救济对象在欺骗他们,因此他们觉得,作为补偿,他们有权让救济 对象点头哈腰. 她这是在暗示我:得哀求她了.但是我却将她顶了回去. 苏珊娜试图就修理轮椅的问题训斥我.由于福利部门不愿花钱好好地修,所以我的轮椅经常 坏. 我当然得经常用我的轮椅.我是一个工作很积极的人,又不是植物人. 如何逐渐脱离福利照顾,这在法律条款中没有明确规定. 我们需要一位律师来捍卫福利救济对象的权利,因为这一福利体制不仅容易使救济对象滥用 权力,也很容易使福利提供者滥用权力. Section B. A Blind Man Helped Me See the Beautiful World XVI. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions even though annoyed struck me out of tune motionless just as hardly satisfaction 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVII, p. 81 skimmed steer chartered angle overhead magic realm stack 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVIII, p. 82 Only a few crumbling ( 破 裂 的) walls bear witness to the past greatness of the city of Aksum. At first he was way ahead of me, but I'm slowly but surely catching him up. I was loaded with many parcels (包裹), unable to walk any faster. The place was deserted and there was no sign of human beings living there. These instruments should be switched on and checked before we start our work. My friend was dressed in a black coat whereas I had gone there in jeans. All those connected with the mission were in prayer for her, but her life was n ot spared. May I excuse myself/be excused for a while, Mr. Davis
Unit 4
Section A. The Telecommunications Revolution《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 95
The living standards in the developing world will be greatly improved. The author refers to those places without telecommunications facilities such as telephones, which hinders exchange of information. Because advanced communications and subsequent widespread access to information technologies enable the developing regions to shorten the process of changing from labor-intensive assembly work to industries that involve engineering, mark eting and design. Because they believe it is in bad need of any pho



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