e D homemade. A only if to have some tea. A breaking off A interest A afforded A pulled B breaking up B benefit B laid B arranged C breaking down C profit C sampled C laid D breaking through D advantage D offered D displayed 1
  28.He often took D of her lack of business sense to cheat her. 1
  29.The foreigner C the moon cake and found it very delicious. 1
  30.The shop assistant C out the moon cakes on the counter. 1
  31.Poor old George has B down in the world since his business failed. B if C even if D as if 1
  27.He was busy cleaning the room all the morning, only A occasionally B somewhere C some wherever D some and
A turned A hear A usually A Eventually spoon. A dressed A that’s all
B come B mistake B sometimes B Eagerly
C gone C think C occasionally C Evidently
D broken D confuse D frequently D Sincerely
  32.Their voices are so alike that I often B Mary for her sister on the phone. 1
  33.He has been so busy recently that he can visit me only C. 1
  34.C there is no one at home. The lights are out. 1
  35.The elderly gentleman, who was poorly but neatly A, accepted the B wearing B after all C worn C all in all D dressing D what’s more
  36.Jack is too young to go to school. And D, he is poor in health. 1
  37.A , he doesn’t look like a college student at all. A Considering his appearance C To consider his appearance dinner party. A in the place birthday gift. A off young. A advantages A hear A In the way A as that A Whoever A had the place of C taken of the place A hold and in himself B interests B hearing B By the way B so that B Whatever C privilege C heard of C The way C that so C Whenever B taken the place of D took the place of B have in himself D profit D heard D That way D or that D Ever who 1
  41.In the early 1960’s few of my friends C computers. 1
  42. C he talked reminded us of his grandfather. 1
  43.They hurried me, B I forgot to turn off the TV before leaving. 1
  44.A asks to see the headmaster, tell him to wait until ten. 1
  45.Electric trains have B steam locomotives in Britain. B in C to D up to 1
  40.Beethoven was granted the C to play at the court when he was very B out of place C in place of D out of the place 1
  39.His mother helped him select the pop music C his taste as his B Consider his appearance D Considered his appearance
  38.He felt rather B__as he was the only person who wore sportswear at the
  46.The manager was very angry but he tried to C.
C hold himself in A interfere feet now. A on A smoothed A be responsible on C be for responsible A deliver A comic A awkward A chewed A extended A attention A sincerely A sob A researched A friendly B speak B operatic B eager B smoothed B expanded B implication B swiftly B extend B learned B superior B up B pulled B interrupt
D hold in himself C involve D interpret
  47.She is studying for the exam tomorr



   2009-2010 年四年级上册英语期末综合练习题及答案经典必备 2009?? ??2010 学年度第一学期 ?? 四年级上册英语期末综合练习卷 听力部分( 听力部分(60 分) 圈一圈:根据你听到的录音内容内容 一、听一听,圈一圈 根据你听到的录音内容内容 将下列每组中符合录音内容的图片下面 听一听 圈一圈 根据你听到的录音内容内容,将下列每组中符合录音内容的图片下面 的字母画一圆圈圈住。 的字母画一圆圈圈住。( 10 分) 1. 2. 评 价 考 . A 生 B 4. A B 班 别 答 ...


   外语下载中心 http://down.tingroom.com 2010年高考英语完形填空练习题及答案解析 一 I used to be ashamed of my grandma. I know that's a until today, so I have to The 38 37 it. 36 thing to say, but it was true started when my friend Katy found Grandma's false teeth floating in ...


   中考英语完型填空经典练习题及答案 My sister broke her leg yesterday. She couldn’t go to her c1. She had to stay in b2 and felt very l3. “What can I do for the m4” she asked h5. Suddenly she got a good i6. She could turn on her pocket computer. She could c7 with her ...


   四年级英语上册 Recycle2 练习题 \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 考 生 答 题 不 要 过 此 线 (答题时间 40 分钟,满分 100 分) 内容 得分 听力部分(满分 60 分) (10 分) 一.听录音,选择正确的图片,并圈出该图片的序号。 听录音,选择正确的图片,并圈出该图片的序号。 ( 1. 图 间 图 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十 合计 2. 图 图 3. 图 图 A 4. 图 B 5. 图 A 一 图 B 一 图 A B A B A B 二. ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 英语的基本句型主要有五种,它们是: 1、主语??动词??表语 2、主语??动词 3、主语??动词??宾语 4、主语??动词??宾语??宾语 5、主语??动词??宾语??补语 掌握好这些基本句型,就可以为灵活运用语言打下良好的基础。下面分别讲解这五种句型。 一、主语??动词??表语 在这一句型中,动词是系动词,划线部分为表语。 1.Mr.Brown is an engineer.(名词做表语) 2.Gradualy h ...


   范文 In recent years, extravagance and waste have become increasingly serious in some of the university campus. We can see that papers, bottles and cans are thrown away after use; food is wasted just because of its poor taste; clothes are discarded si ...


   实用英语之面试英语辅导:关于司机职务 Here are good answers to some of the tougher questions asked in job interviews. If you can smoothly supply answers like these during the interview, you are bound to make a good impression. 1. What is important to you in a job? Me ...


   初中英语语法综合练习题(有答案) 初中英语语法综合练习题(有答案) 单项选择 1、The boy likes A.ask 2、We'll try A.to get 3、They hoped A.to see 4、I'm glad A.meet 5、He often helps me A.mending 6、I heard Alice A.sings questions. B.answer C.to ask there on time. B.getting C.got their mother ...


   二○○九年山东省青岛市初级中学学业水平考试 ○○九年山东省青岛市初级中学学业水平考试 英语试题 (考试时间:120 分钟;满分:105 分) 友情提示:Hi,亲爱的同学,欢迎你参加本次考试,祝你答题成功! 1.请务必在指定位置填写座号,并将密封线内的项目填写清楚。 2.请将第一卷的 1?50 小题的答案涂在答题卡上。请将第 IV 大题的答案写在 第二卷的相应位置上。 第一卷(共 60 分) 第一部分 听力测试 (25 分) I.听句子,选择最佳答语。每个句子读一遍。你将有 10 秒钟的时间完 ...


   『激活中考』教学网[www.jhzk.net] 做出我们的精彩 2009 年北京市高级中等学校招生考试 听对话, 一, 听对话,从下面各题所给的 A,B,C 三幅图片中选择与对话内容相符 , , 的图片.每段对话读两遍. (共 的图片.每段对话读两遍. 共 4 分,每小题 1 分) ( 二,听对话或独白,根据对话或独白的内容,从下面各题所给的 A,B,C 三个 听对话或独白,根据对话或独白的内容, , , 选项中选择最佳答案 每段对话或独白读两遍. 选择最佳答案. (共 选项中选择最佳答案. ...



   1.A healthy and better-educated new generation is a guarantee for sustainable economic and social development of our country。   2.The victory of Chinese women’s volleyball team at the Olympic Games was a great inspiration to all Chinese people。   3. ...


   1. how often 多久一次。表示频率。 2. how many 多少 3. how long 多久. 4. how far 多远 5. 锻炼 take/do exercise 阅读 do some reading 6.health.健康;健康状况 n keep healthy habit.习惯;习性 n get into the habit of 养成???的习惯 7. try to do 尽力去做某事 ,努力想达到目的 He tried to climb that tree.他努力 ...


   Sep.2008 Sep.2008 森林生态旅游英语听说 授 课 教 案 授 课 教 师: 杜 宏 丽 伊春职业学院授课教案 伊春职业学院授课教案 第 -1页 课程编 号 授课专 业 授课教 师 课程类 型 授课时 间 教材名 称 课程教 学 总学时 数 学时分 配 考核方 式 英语专业旅游英语 杜宏丽 必修课 选修课 课程名 称 授课对 象(年 级) 职称 森林生态旅游英语听说 08 级 副教授 大学通修课( ) ;专业基础课(√ ) ;专业课() 通识教育课( ) ;专业限定选修课( ) ...


   小学英语语法讲解与归纳?一般过去时 小学英语语法讲解与归纳 一般过去时 表示过去某个时间发生的事情或存在的状态. 一.意义:表示过去某个时间发生的事情或存在的状态 常与一般过去时态连 意义 表示过去某个时间发生的事情或存在的状态 用的时间有: 用的时间有: yesterday, yesterday morning (afternoon, evening…) last night (week, month, year…), a moment ago , a week ago, three ye ...


   taoti.tl100.com 你的首选资源互助社区 所名校高频考点试题集粹交际用语 2010 全国 108 所名校高频考点试题集粹--交际用语 1. --Hello, this is 77553861. -【广西省六校 2010 届五次联考 【交际用语 届五次联考】 交际用语 交际用语】 广西省六校 A. How are you? B. Will you come tonight? C. Can I take a message? D. Is that Mike? 答案】 【答案】D 解析 ...