Vocabulary 10000
Lesson 01
A monument was built to commemorate the victory.纪念碑被建立用于纪念战争的胜利。
The children huddled together for warmth.孩子们拥挤在一起取暖。
Censure is sometimes harder to bear than punishment. 谴责有时候比惩罚更难承受。
The new vaccine eradicated all traces of the disease within three months.新的疫苗能在三个月内清除疾病的所有痕迹。
The barbarians defiled the church by using it as a stable.野蛮的人亵渎了教堂,把教堂当作马厩使用。
The pregnant woman has an enlarged abdomen.怀孕的女人有个很大的腹部。
The lost hikers were bereft of hope when the rescue plane did not see them.当营救飞机没有发现他时,迷失的徒步旅行者被剥夺了希望。
The children were bereaved by the death of their parents.因为父母的死去,孩子们也被剥夺了。
This battlefield is consecrated to the memory of the soldiers who died here.对死在战场的士兵而言,在他们记忆中战场是最神圣的地方。
A good joke does not necessarily evoke a hearty laugh.一个好的玩笑没有必要唤起亲切的笑声。
Wheels left grooves in a muddy dirt road.左车轮陷进泥泞的路上。
The old car jolted its passengers badly as it went over the rough road.当旧的汽车在粗糙的路上行使时,将乘客剧烈的摇晃。
Bowing to greet a lady is now an obsolete custom.向一个女士鞠躬问候现在是个过时的风俗。
Many wild animals prowl at night looking for something to eat.许多野生动物在夜里巡游以寻找食物。
The children scooped holes in the sand.孩子们在沙滩上挖洞。
Diplomats are interested in the status of world affairs.外交官比较感兴趣世界事务的情势。
The farmer sued the railroad station because his cow was killed by the train.农民的牛因火车而死,因此农民控告了铁路局。
The counter of the sink has many grooves along which the water will run off.水池计数器有许多的凹槽,水能从凹槽内流出。
The cat prowled around the cellar looking for mice.猫在地窖里巡游寻找老鼠。
We all sympathized with the husband who was bereaved of his beloved wife.我们都同情丈夫,他丧失了他心爱的妻子。
Her singing evoked admiration from the public.她的歌声博得了公众的钦佩。
We still use this machine though it is obsolete.我们仍然用这台机器尽管它已经陈旧。
The bandit in a typical Western movie rides a horse and goes armed. either alone or in a group.在典型的西方电影里面强盗都骑着马并配着武器,要么独自一个人要么成群。
Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.圣诞节是纪念耶稣救世主的诞生。
The children‘s muddy shoes defiled all the rugs in the hotel.孩子们泥泞的鞋子污染了旅馆的所有地毯。
Running in the hall is a deviation from the school rules and will not be allowed.在礼堂里跑步是违背学校纪律的,也是不允许的。
She could bear the disappointments of other people with tolerable fortitude.她能够用可容忍的坚韧承受其他人认为的失望。
The little girl was inconsolable at the loss of her kitten.小女孩在丢失她的小猫咪时极度的伤心。
Aren‘t you hungry? You are only nibbling your food.你还没有饿吗?你只是细咬你的食物。
The coronation of the new king was a splendid pageant.新国王的加冕礼是个辉煌的庆典。
After the scourge of flood usually comes the scourge of disease.洪水的灾难过后往往带来疾病的灾难。
The crippled child tumbled down the stairs and was badly hurt.残废的小孩跌倒在楼梯上并收了重伤。
The iron in the ship caused a deviation of the magnetic needle of the compass.船上的铁导致了指南针磁针的偏差。
A marathon runner must have great fortitude to run such a long distance.马拉松运动员需要有很强的坚韧去赛跑如此长的距离。
The pretty girl‘s reputation was defiled by malicious gossips.漂亮女孩的名声被恶毒的闲话给玷污了。
The boy is just learning to walk, he is always tumbling over the floor.小男孩正在学习走路,他老是在地板上摔跤。
The inauguration ceremony of the new President was a splendid pageant.新总统的就职典礼是个辉煌的庆典。
There are many illnesses, which afflict old people.有很多疾病折磨着老年人。
His employer censured him for neglecting his work.他的雇主责怪他忽视自己的工作。
The thief intruded into the house with caution and dissimulation.小偷小心掩饰的侵入房屋。
Nowadays, it is an inhumane punishment to flog the disobedient soldiers or sailors.现在,鞭打不服从的士兵和船员是个残忍的惩罚。
According to the inscription on its cornerstone, this building was erected in 19
The gifts of charity meddled with a man’s private affair.慈善事业的礼品受一个男子私人事务的干涉。
He doesn‘t sit straight: his posture is very bad.他没有做直,他的坐姿是很不健康的。
John rummaged all the drawers to find his gloves. John在所有抽屉里到处翻寻他的手套。
The water spouted out when the pipe was broken. 当水管破裂时,水喷射出来。
The climber traversed a long horizontal crack in the face of the mountain slope.登山者横贯了山脉斜坡表面一段长的水平裂缝。
A child stood looking with wistful eyes at the toys in the shop window.小孩站着透过商店的窗户用渴望的眼神看着玩具。
He was flogging his horse in a very cruel way.他用残酷的方式鞭打他的马。
She rummaged change from the bottom of her purse.她翻箱倒柜的在底部寻找到她的钱包。
The law does not meddle unduly with a person‘s private life.法律不能过度的干涉人们的私人生活。
The lights traversed the sky searching for enemy planes.灯光划破长空寻求敌人的飞机。
The inscription on the ancient monument was very hard to read.在古老纪念碑上的题字很难识别。
The amicable flash of her white teeth was very impressive.她纯白的牙齿表现出的亲切给人很深的印象。
The soldiers are very exhausted for they have advanced forward without rest in a blizzard.士兵非常疲惫,他们在暴风雪中一直没有休息。
If I were rich, I would like to cruise in the Southern Pacific for six months in a private yacht.如果我富有了,我可能驾着自己的私人游艇花6个月巡航南太平洋。
Yellow fever has been eradicated in the United States but it still exists in some countries.黄热病已经在美国根除了,但在一些国家还是仍然存在。
The doctor‘s report gave us only a glimmer of hope.博士的报告给了我们闪烁的希望。
On his desk, many articles and documents are always piled in great lump.在他的桌子上,许多论文和公文总是堆成很大的一块。
The woman ransacked the house for her lost jewelry.女人在家中到处搜索她失去的珠宝。
He slashed a path through the high grass with a long knife.他用一把长刀砍去贯穿小路的高草。
Out feet slumped repeatedly through the melting ice.???
That pop-song had a great vogue at one time.在一段时间,流行歌曲非常的时尚。
Enemy soldiers ransacked the city and carried off its treasures.敌军洗劫了城市并将财宝运载出去。
Tired from his long walk, he slumped into a chair.长时间的谈话让他累得倒塌在椅子上。
We saw the glimmer of a distant light through the trees.我们看到了透过树木的远距离灯光的.闪烁。
He used to have a great vogue as a film actor, but no one goes to the cinema to see him now.他曾经作为一个电影演员是很时尚的,可现在没有一个人去电影院看他。
What the Ice Age did was to eradicate the abundant mammalian life in the Northern Hemisphere.冰河时代是根除北半球丰富的哺乳动物时期。
He ascribes his success to skill and hard work.他的成功归咎于他的技能及努力工作。
The soldiers kept their heads down behind the bulwark.士兵保持他们的头在壁垒下面。
She looked around this way and that in a dubious manner.她用这种方式环顾四周,这是种可疑的行为。
Selfishness was a facet of his character that we seldom saw before.自私自利是他小心眼的特征,我们以前很少看到的。
For the first time he had to pay heed to his appearance, and in fact he became very well-dressed from then on.至从第一次我们留意他的出现,事实上他那时穿着已经非常讲究了。
The boys huddled together under the rock to keep warm.男孩们拥挤在石头下面以便取暖。
The old man mumbled something to me, but I could not understand him.老人对我含糊地说(喃喃而语, 咕哝)了些,但我不能够理解他。
This ruined bridge is a relic of the Korean War in 19
Automobile exhaust fumes are one of the major causes of smog.公车排放的气体是形成烟雾的主要因素之一。
The thirsty wayfarer was glad to find a fresh spring near the road.口渴的旅行者很乐意在路边上发现新鲜的泉水。
He always speaks with his mouth full of food, it is his wont.他常常嘴里充满食物时说话,这时他的习惯。
Four people were huddled under one umbrella to avoid the sudden shower.4个人拥挤在一个伞下,以避免突然的阵雨。
I‘m feeling better than yesterday, but it is dubious that I can go to school tomorrow.我感觉比昨天号多了,但我明天能否取学校还是可疑的。
No one knows who wrote that play, but it is usually ascribed to Cyril Tourneur.没有人知道谁写了这个剧本,可一般归咎于Cyril Tourneur的功劳。
We believe that a free press and free speech are bulwarks of democracy.我们认为自由地新闻大方的演讲时民主主义的壁垒。
Take heed of what I say, or you will fail in the final examination.留意我所说的,否则你将在最终的考试中失败。
Lesson 02
The judge absolved the man of the crime.
The umpire should have no bias in favor of either side.
Our baseball team is contending for the championship.
We deplore the terrible traffic accident in which 30 persons were killed and 50 injured.
The boy fell from a tree and suffered fractures of his right arm and leg.
A crowd of great magnitude attended the President’s inauguration.
The pith of his speech was focused on the importance of education.
I have no relish for seeing people being whipped.
Trying not to be seen, they quietly sneaked into the room.
The messenger brought tidings from the battlefield.
Many people would be aghst at the thought of another war.
We shall not cumber our thought with his reproaches.
The city government decreed that all dogs must be licensed.
The children were frolicing with the puppy in the backyard.
There was much commercial intercourse between the two countries before World War II.
In dry weather forest fires are a great menace.
I was standing on the very edge of a bank, a precipice not less than fifty feet deep.
The church is generally considered as a sanctuary.
After a light spring rain,leaves began to sprout from trees.
She trod lightly in order not to wake the sleeping baby.
The soldiers still had their guns but they were out of ammunition.
A doting mother alienates her husband by lavishing too much love on their child.
The artist ws so engrossed in his pinting that he didn’t notive the people watching him.
If you got a deep cut in your arm, there’s usually a gush of blood.
The deep river was an insuperable barrier to those who could not swim.
Her life has been full of ordeals,sickness,poverty and loss of her beloved son.
He kept his tobacco in a leather pouch fastened to the belt.
The brakes screeched and the car suddenly stopped with a jerk.
A man who is six feet talll is bove the average stature in China.
The President’s enemies are spreading ill rumors to undermine his authority.
The house is unsafe since the foundations were undermined by floods.
Damages from last week’s flood have been assessed at $500
The children searched each and every chamber of the house for the cat.
The Congress of the United States has two House of Representatives.
Now that she is rich,she disdains to speak to her old friends.
One day Robinson Crusoe espied a foot print on the sand.
The beautiful glossy coat of the cat shone as it lay in sunlight.
The janitor swept the floors and locked up the building every night.
She bought a packet of envelops at the stationery store.
The eloquent and ornate carving on a church pulpit was done by Indian hands.
The meat was black and scorched outside but still raw inside.
The grass is scorched by so much hot sunshine in summer.
The ship surged in the stormy seas,rolling and pitching with each wave.
Pots,pans and kettles are useful kitchen utensils.
When the soldiers ran out of ammunition, they fixed bayonets to their rifles.



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