1. 如果你们两停止争斗并努力好好相处,我将不胜感激。(be grateful, get along with) I would be grateful if the two of you stopped fighting and tried to get along with each other.
  2. 这是他第一次用电子邮件与笔友交流。 (the first time, communicate with) This is the first time he has used e-mail to communicate with his pen pal.
  3. 网络使人们即使身处世界的不同角落也完全可能面对面地交流。(face to face; even if; entirely) Because of the Internet it is now entirely possible for people to communicate face to face, even if they are in different parts of the world.
  4. 世界淡水资源十分有限,因此我们必须充分利用。 (make use of, resources) The world’s fresh water resources are very limited so we must make good use of them.
  5. 我将十分乐意参加任何能丰富我对世界认识的讨论。(take part in, enrich) I will gladly take part in any discussion that enriches my knowledge of the world.
  6. 不管你相不相信, 我们已经逐渐地可以用英语流利地表达自己了。 (believe it or not, gradually, express, fluently) Believe it or not, we have gradually become able to express ourselves fluently in English.
  7. 实际上学好英语有很多简单的方法, 例如看英文电视或和外国朋友在线聊天。(actually, a number of, such as) Actually, there are a number of simple ways to improve your English, such as watching English TV shows and chatting with foreign friends online.
  8. 政府应该尽快想出更好的办法来解决高油价所带来的问题。 (come up with, petrol) The government should come up with a better solution to the problems caused by the high price of petrol.
  9. 杰克给了我一个坚定的眼神, 这眼神表明他不会改变主意, 也不会屈服。 (determine, change one’s mind, give in) Jack gave me a determined look, which showed me that he would neither change his mind nor give in.
  10. 花了一周时间才把衣物和药品送达灾区。(transport) It took one week to transport clothes and medicine to the disaster-hit area.
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  11. 百分之六十的旅客宁愿住在窗朝南的房间。(用定语从句) Sixty percent of the travelers prefer to live in the rooms whose windows face south.
  4. 在村庄的东边有一幢蓝顶的白房子。(on the east, with )
  4. On the east side of the village there is a small white house with a blue roof.
  5.听完他的话,那个可怜的女孩泪水夺眶而出,冲出门外。(burst, rush out )
  5. After hearing his words, the poor girl burst into tears and rushed out from the room.
  12. 一些人破门设法从失火的建筑物里逃了出来。 (escape from; by doing sth) Some people managed to escape from the burning building by breaking down the doors.
  13. 上一次考试考砸了之后,那个男孩向父母许诺今后会努力学习。(After doing…) After doing such a poor job in the last exam, the boy promised his parents he would study much harder in the future.
  14. 有好几个商店,你可以在那里买你想买的东西。 (介词+which) There are several stores in which you can buy the items you want.
  15. 除非我们净化我们的环境,否则人类可能将无法生存。 (clean up, survive) Unless we clean up our environment, human beings may not survive.
  16. 这时目前为止我所看过的最好的电影中的一部。 This is one of the best films that I have ever seen.
  17. 她给我们食物和衣服,没有要求任何回报,这一切都让我们很感激。 (in return; which; grateful ) She gave us food and clothes and asked for nothing in return, which made us very grateful.
  18. 他训练了很长的一段时间,所以获得赛跑的胜利是他应得的。 (deserve, so) He’s been training for a long time, so he deserved to win the race. (bargain)
  5. 在大部分西方国家,商店明码实价,不能讨价还价。
  5. In most western countries store prices are fixed and people cannot bargain.
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  19. 随着社会和经济的发展,不可避免地会有新问题产生。(arise) New problems will inevitably arise as our society and economy develop.
  5. 这个母亲正看护着她熟睡的孩子。(watch over)
  5. The mother is watching over her sleeping child now.
  20. 开车的时候,你应该注意路标。( pay attention to; road signs) While driving, you should pay attention to the road signs.
  21. 香烟含有很多影响健康的化学成分,这是众所周知的事实。(contain; chemicals; affect) It is a well known fact that cigarettes contain many chemicals that will affect your health.
  23. 我梦想将来的某一天能周游全世界。(dream of) I dream of traveling around the world one day in future.
  24. 说实话,我要在公共场合演讲还是太紧张了。 (to be honest;too… to) To be honest, I’m too nervous to give a speech in public.
  25. 除了自信,她还非常吸引人也非常敏感。(in addition to; confident; attractive; sensitive) In addition to being confident, she is also attractive and sensitive.
  26. 我将与你的友谊视为是最重要的。 (above all else) I value your friendship above all else.
  27. 她的相貌令他想起他亲爱的母亲。他母亲多年前已经去世。(remind … of …,定语从句) Her face reminded him of his dear mother, who had passed away many years earlier.
  28. 农民们正在地里收割庄稼时,就在那时他们听到了溺水女孩在呼救。(gather; drown) The farmers were gathering crops in the field when they heard the drowning girl calling for help.
  29. 除非你保持均衡的饮食,否则将会增加体重。 (a balanced diet, put on weight ) Unless you keep a balanced diet, you will put on weight.
  30. 他对家乡的巨变十分惊讶。(amaze)
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He was amazed at the great changes that had taken place in his hometown.
  31. 他谋求良好生活的能力受到了他缺乏教育的限制。(earn a good living, be limited by; lack of) His ability to earn a good living is limited by his lack of education.
  32. 父母去世后,他由他的姐姐抚养长大。(bring up) After his parents died, he was brought up by his elder sister.
  33. 咱们应该怎样处理这些废报纸?(do with) What shall we do with the waste paper?
  34. 如果天气允许的话,我们将在树林里野餐。(permit) We will have a picnic in the woods, weather permitting.
  35. 我决定还是求稳不要冒险。(take a chance;rather than) I decided to play it safe rather than take a chance.
  36. 是什么事使他不能参加我们的会议仍然是个谜。(prevent…from) What prevented him from attending our meeting still remains a mystery.
  37. 昨天晚会的气氛非常欢快,每一个人都度过了美好的时光。(atmosphere; joyful) The atmosphere at the party yesterday was very joyful and everyone had a great time.
  38. 当他意识到他可以及时到达赶上飞机时,他终于振奋起来。(in time;cheer up) He finally cheered up when he realized he would arrive in time to catch the plane.
  39. 我经常感到疑惑,为什么有些家长允许自己的孩子观看暴力影片。 (wonder; allow) I often wonder why some parents allow their children to watch violent movies.
  40. 外面的噪音不断,我无法安下心来学习。(settle down) With so much noise outside, I couldn’t settle down to study.
  41. 站在塔顶上,我仍能看到远处的山。 ( in the distance) Standing at the top of the tower, I could see the mountains in the distance.
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  42. 当我离开超市的时候,我碰巧遇见了我的朋友。 (come across) I came across my friend by chance when I was leaving the supermarket.

  43. 老师的话促使我比以前更努力工作。 (inspire) My teacher’s words inspired me to work harder than ever before. (V+ing 作状语)
  44. 听取老师的意见,我在英语学习上取得了快速进步。 By following the teacher’s advice I was able to quickly improve my English.
  46. 我宁愿为梦想奋斗,不愿意放弃而他日后悔。(would rather…than; struggle for) I would rather struggle for my dream than give it up and regret it later in my life.
  47. 在经历了多年的奋斗之后,他们建立起了自己的事业并变得富有。 After many years of struggle, they were able to build up their business and become rich.
  48. 过去他们很贫困,根本谈不上度假。( too…to…, badly off ) In the past, they were too badly off to afford a holiday.
  49. 在老师的帮助下,我终于克服了困难。(overcome) I was able to overcome the problem with the help of my teacher. (find it (形式宾语) + adj. + that 引导的
  50. 我觉得很奇怪他如此少睡眠却能够如此努力工作。 宾语从句,with) I find it strange that he is able to work so hard with so little sleep.
  51. 一般而言,你在学习一门新的语言的时候总避免不了要犯错误。(in general, avoid) In general, you cannot avoid making mistakes when you learn a new language.
  52. 去年暑假我去了乡村度假。与村民们在一起我感到非常地自在,也满意那里的生活。 I spent my holiday in the countryside last summer. I felt at ease with the village people and was content with my life there.
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  53. 你应该提前定火车票,这样你就可以节省一些钱。( in advance;so) You should book the train ticket in advance so you can save some money.
  54. 学校为学生提供了现代化的教学设施。(provide sth. for sb.; teaching facilities) The school provides modern teaching facilities for its students.
  55. 维护我们的环境其实要比修复它更加的经济也更加容易。(preserve) It is much cheaper and easier to preserve our environment than to try and repair it.
  56. 不论发生什么事情,我将永远都不会放弃。 (No matter…) No matter what may happen, I will never give up.
  59. 看起来一些自然灾害应归咎于全球变暖。(seem; be to blame for ) It seems that global warming could be to blame for the natural disasters.
  60. 专家提出的计划得到了政府的认可。(put forward;) The project put forward by experts has been accepted by the government.
  61. 除了作为一种有趣而且有益的运动外,游泳还是一项很有用的技能。(apart from;) Apart from being fun and good exercise, swimming is also a very useful skill.
  4. 每次我听见这首歌,我总会回想起自己的童年(every time)
  4.Every time I hear this song, I will think of my childhood.
  62. 为了图方便, 我把参考书放在书桌附近。 (for convenience) I keep my reference books near my desk for convenience.
  6. 我希望这能阐明我的立场。(clarify)
  6. I hope this can clarify my position.
  63. 我为占用了老师那么多时间而向她道歉。(take up) I apologized to my teacher for taking up so much of her time.
  64. 她出生于北京的一个工人家庭,5 岁就开始打乒乓球。 (过去分词作状语) . Born into a worker’s family in Beijing, she began to play table tennis at the age of five.
  65. 我们应该乐观向上,永远对生活保持一种积极的态度。(be optimistic) We should be optimistic and always keep a positive attitude towards life.
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  66. 只有当你经历了很多磨难后, 你才知道幸福的可贵。(only if) Only if you experience much hardship can you value happiness. M5U5
  67. 为了阻止火灾蔓延, 你应当中断电源。 (cut off; prevent from) You should cut off the electricity supply to prevent the fire from spreading.
Description of a person: (句子结构:as 引导非限
  68. 众所周知,失败是成功之母,没有人能比李明更好地理解这点。 制性定语从句,否定意义的词与比较级连用) As is well known to us all, ‘Failure is the mother of success’, and nobody understands this better than Li Ming.
  69. 刘翔不得不克服生活中的许多困难,他受到每个中国人的尊重和爱戴。 (句子结构:be + loved/respected as …+ who 引导的定语从句) Liu Xiang, who has had to overcome many difficulties in life, is loved and respected by everyone in China.
  70. 迈克五岁开始登台表演,音乐和舞蹈天才令世人震惊。 (句子结构:非谓语动词和 with 的 复合结构) Michael Jackson started to perform on stage at the age of 5, shocking the world with his talent of music and dance.
  71. 他不仅对科学感兴趣,而且对音乐也颇有研究。 (句子结构:Not only…but also…倒装格 式) Not only is he interested in science, but he also has a gift for music.
Description of a place:
  72. 位于美洲大陆的北部,加拿大是世界上第二国。( located in…, X is …) Located in the North America continent, Canada is the second largest country in the world.
  73. 它有着 7686850 平方公里的面积,同时拥有 3 千万人口。 It covers a total area of …, with ( a population of …) It covers a total area of 7,686,850 square kilometers with a population of about 30 million.
  74. 它以它的自然资源和野生动物闻名于世。( … be famous for…) It is famous for its natural resource and wildlife.



    1. That'll be the day。   那绝不可能/哪有这样的事!   这句话表示的意思类似于“That's impossible!”或者“It can't be true!”,说话人在说这句话时表达的是一种强烈的否定。   2. How about that!   那可太好了,太棒了!/真是令人难以置信!   很多人理解这句话的意思就是“what do you think of it?(你觉得怎么样?)”。其实,“how about it”的意思才是“你觉得怎么样”。当你听到一些 ...


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   英语 英语(English)是联合国的工作语言 之一,也是事实上的国际交流语言.英 语属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日 耳曼语支,并通过英国的殖民活动传播 到世界各地.由于在历史上曾和多种民 族语言接触,它的词汇从一元变为多元 ,语法从"多屈折"变为"少屈折" , 语音也发生了规律性的变化.根据以英 语作为母语的人数计算,英语可能是世 界上第三大语言,但它是世界上最广泛 的第二语言.世界上 60%以上的信件是 用英语书写的,上两个世纪英国和美国 在文化 ...


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小学英语五年级下册教案(重大版)Unit 3

   Unit 3 Months of a Year 教学总目标 通过本单元的教学,学生能说出一年十二个月的英语名称;能用英语简单介 绍一些 中外节日.通过学习"Tell me something about your……,When is……?What do you Usually do on……?"等句子结构,去获取信息.能运用从课文中学到的语言描 述一年 中的月份和节日,能读懂图表信息转换为文字信息,能运用从图表中获得的信息 进行交流. 【教学目标】 1. 学习名词:Jan ...


   2010 年上半年小学五年级英语期末试卷 上半年小学五年级英语期末试卷 年级英语期末试 题号 得分 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 总分 ( )4、 ( )5、 听力部分(30 分) 一、听录音,选出你所听到单词的正确答案(8'。 听录音,选出你所听到单词的正确答案( ' 的正确答案 ) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1、th )2、h )3、s )4、m )5、 )6、 )7、 )8、cu ig ow ty n e A. ere A. a A. ul A. any A. six A ...


   经验杂谈:职称英语备考五步走 看到 2010 年职称英语考试报名的消息,去年自己报名、备考时的情形又呈现在我的脑海中,而且那 么的清晰。趁着心头的这种感觉,将自己复习备考的一点心得写出来,与大家分享,希望能对参加 明年考试的朋友们有一些帮助。 我英语基础较差,而且放下已经十年多了,报名时自己一点信心都有,就报着试试看的态度去的, 去年报考理工 B,本来不抱太大希望,分数出来时,我都不敢相信自己,竟然考了 65 分!我居然通 过考试了,当时激动的心情真是难以言表。 大概总结一下,自己去年能考出 ...


   英语原声电影 (第 19 期) 英 语 学 习 资 料 www.swustea.com 西南科技大学英语协会 Colorful English Journey?to Travel and to Arrive 英语原声电影 第 x 期学习资料 《海上钢琴师》 译 片 导 名 《海上钢琴师》 名 《 The Legend of 1900》 演 朱塞佩多纳托雷 Giuseppe Tornatore 编 dro 演 员 剧 朱塞佩多纳托雷 Giuseppe Tornatore Alessan Bar ...


   英语单词的记忆方法 1.音、形、义、词类结合法 单词教学首先要把每一个单词的音、形、义结合起来,要求学生作到发音准 确、拼法正确和分清词义,还要求学生掌握好这个单词所属的词类,基本的惯用 搭配,这个任务完成好了,学生就能基本读懂句子、理解课文的基本内容,课文 的教学就会比较顺利。 2.利用对比法 在单词教学中,尽可能把新、旧单词从同义、反义、同音异义、同形异义等 方面进行联系对比,使学生在学习新单词同时又复习了旧单词,印象更深,记忆 更牢固。如同义词:must-siould-ought( ...