Their argument ended when she slammed the door and left without a word.

The guests at the dinner party were slight surprised at the commanding tone of the American.

Johnny has outgrown the fear of staying at home alone.

While all the other passengers made for the exit, he alone remained in his seat as if unwilling to leave the plan .

The letter is to be handed to Dr.Wilson himself .

While she felt like joining in the argument ,Nancy was too shy to open her mouse

What do you think is the likeliest time to find him at home ?

The hunter’s face lit up with excitement as soon as he saw a fox emerge from among the bushes and make for the trap be had laid .

At the meeting, it was suggested that a committee of eleven be appointed to make a new constitution .

  2、这些青年科学家通过现场 观察,获得了研究工作所需的第一手资料
The young scientists obtained first-hand information they needed in their research work by making on-the-spot observations .

It is very likely that he will be rejected by the army because of his bad eyesight .

The committee members have conflicting opinions as to the best location of the new airport .

In many aspects, Henry’s works of art are superior to those of his brother’s

The steady rise in the quality of our products owes much to the improvement of our equipment .

Jim would have preferred to act on his own judgment ,but he didn’t because as a soldier he must obey the order .

Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a city without bikes or one without cars, I would not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter .

She found a job as a cashier at a local bunk . But she was soon fired because she proved (to be ) incompetent .

Obviously it is his young assistant who is running the bookstore .

No sooner had the proposal been announced at the meeting than she got to her feet to protest .

Bill has already applied to Harvard University for a teaching assistantship, but his chances of getting it are slim .

Being short of funds, they are trying to attract foreign capital .

The room smells of stale air . It must have been vacant for a long time .

As far as hobbies are concerned ,Jane and her sister have little in common .

It is self-evident that the education of the young is vital to the future of a country.

The little girl ran so fast that she was thrown off balance and fell over .

I was impressed by his devotion to research but I did not have the slightest interest in his profound theories.

Be sure not to say anything capable of being misunderstood.

I was so bewildered by their conflicting advice that I did not know how to act to do.

At first this complicated problem frustrated them, but after thinking it over carefully they finally worked out a solution.

The head of the sports delegation beamed with delight when a young pioneer presented him with a bunch of flowers.

I really don’t see why our English teacher should single out our monitor for praise since we have all done quite well this term.

I believe in the theory that the higher animals developed from the lower ones.

As long as you keep on trying , you will solve this difficult problem sooner on later .

We anticipate that we will encounter resistance to our plan .

Jim's friends said that the noise pollution in their city was terrible, but they had to live with it .

  4、汤姆起初认为,凭他的知识、技术和经验,一定能够 找到一份称心如意的工作
At first, Tom thought that with his knowledge, skill and experience he was bound to find a satisfactory job.

It would be wise to handle this delicate problem with calmness and patience .

Dick thought that if he wasn’t able to take the machine apart, chances were that no other workers in the plant could, either.

Do you think that bus drivers should take full responsibility for the passengers’ safety ?

You needn’t dwell on your mistakes in judgement any more .What’s important is to try your best to avioid repeating them .



    1. That'll be the day。   那绝不可能/哪有这样的事!   这句话表示的意思类似于“That's impossible!”或者“It can't be true!”,说话人在说这句话时表达的是一种强烈的否定。   2. How about that!   那可太好了,太棒了!/真是令人难以置信!   很多人理解这句话的意思就是“what do you think of it?(你觉得怎么样?)”。其实,“how about it”的意思才是“你觉得怎么样”。当你听到一些 ...


   日志 上一篇:彪悍的历史数据 彪悍的历史数据!... 下一篇:通信基本靠 Q |返回日志列表 " " " " 分享 转载 复制地址 选用信纸 jin 2008 年 12 月 25 日 23:56 阅读(51932) 评论(4448) 分类:jin 励志 来源: jin 手机 Qzone " " 举报 字体:大% o 小 o 中 o 大 老虎怪招学英语(更新) 老虎怪招学英语(更新) 《老虎怪招学英语》文: :jin 欢迎转载 跟踪文章加 12783747 【特别说明】请不要提问类似 请不 ...


   2010 年 1 月版开放英语 1 形成性考核册参考答案 月版开放英语 成性考核册参考答案 学前记录卡 根据自己实际情况填写,只要写就有成绩。 根据自己实际情况填写,只要写就有成绩。 学习记录表 1 1. parents photos buses lives halves children women teeth 2. 注意频度副词在句子中有不同的位置。 注意频度副词在句子中有不同的位置。 1) 在动词 to be 之后: 之后: ) I’m often ill on planes. 2) ...


   考研时从 10 月份开始准备,国庆后才开始买资料复习,从头到尾一共可能就三个月多点的 时间, 不过从一开始我就坚信自己会有一套行之有效的方法可以迅速攻克考研英语, 毕竟以 前在雅思和托福的英语考试上有了比较充分的感悟。 结果考出来 84 分,还算理想,证明自己的一些想法是符合实际的。为了回报沪江和朋友 们, 决心把自己在考研英语复习上的体会总结成详细的文字跟大家分享, 希望能够给大家一 点帮助。 文章会比较长,请有兴趣的朋友给点耐心看完,然后结合自己的想法来讨论一下,共同提 高。如果有任何问 ...


   英语 百科名片 英语(English)是联合国的工作语言之一,也是事实上的国际交流语言。英语 属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日耳曼语支, 并通过英国的殖民活动传播到世 界各地。由于在历史上曾和多种民族语言接触,它的词汇从一元变为多元,语法 从“多屈折”变为“少屈折”,语音也发生了规律性的变化。根据以英语作为母 语的人数计算, 英语可能是世界上第三大语言, 但它是世界上最广泛的第二语言。 世界上 60%以上的信件是用英语书写的,上两个世纪英国和美国在文化、经济、 军事、政治和科学上的领先地位使 ...


   英语 英语(English)是联合国的工作语言 之一,也是事实上的国际交流语言.英 语属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族下的西日 耳曼语支,并通过英国的殖民活动传播 到世界各地.由于在历史上曾和多种民 族语言接触,它的词汇从一元变为多元 ,语法从"多屈折"变为"少屈折" , 语音也发生了规律性的变化.根据以英 语作为母语的人数计算,英语可能是世 界上第三大语言,但它是世界上最广泛 的第二语言.世界上 60%以上的信件是 用英语书写的,上两个世纪英国和美国 在文化 ...


   5.写作 新增的作文是一篇 100 字左右的应用性短文,文体包括有信件、便笺、备忘录等。满 分 10 分。其实,2003 和 2004 年的大纲都强调了要会写应用文,如书信、简历摘要和备忘 录, 但同学们在复习中一般不会将其作为重点来抓, 老师讲课的时候也主要以议论和记叙描 述类为主,且历年真题命题情况也是如此。但 10 大纲对写作部分的新要求我们要正视应用 文, 所以同学们平时要注意应用文写作的特定的格式要求, 有意识的掌握各类应用文的写作 方法。按照大纲的要求,要注重写作内容信息点覆盖的 ...


   辜鸿铭,精通九国的语言文化,国学造诣极深,曾获赠博士学位达 13 个之多。他的思想影 响跨越 20 世纪的东西方,是一位学贯中西、文理兼通的学者,又是近代中学西渐史上的先 驱人物。 辜鸿铭 10 岁时就随他的义父??英人布朗跳上苏格兰的土地, 被送到当地一所著名的 中学,受极严格的英国文学训练。课余的时间,布朗就亲自教辜鸿铭学习德文。布朗的教法 略异于西方的传统倒像是中国的私塾。他要求辜鸿铭随他一起背诵歌德的长诗《浮士德》 。 布朗告诉辜鸿铭:“在西方有神人,却极少有圣人。神人生而知之,圣人 ...


   英语学习方法 ?语言重运用,功到自然成 林语堂学英文要诀 林语堂先生(1895-1976), 现代文学家、翻译家,一生共出 版中文集三种,英文著作36种。 他从中国人学习英语的实际出发, 提出了一系列的英语教学方法和 英语学习方法,至今仍然值得我 们借鉴。 林语堂学英文要诀 " 一、学英文时须学全句,勿专念单字。学 时须把全句语法、语音及腔调整个读出 来。 " 二、学时不可以识字为足。识之必然兼用 之。凡遇新字,必至少学得该字之一种正 确用法。以后见有多种用法,便多记住。 " 三、识字不可 ...


   大学英语啊??说的是四六级?我想知道你是想掌握实用性的还是应试性的……四六级和真正的英语是背道而驰的,要想学真正的英语,出国用的,趁早丢了四六级,免得中毒……如果是国内发展,四六级就可以了 语法其实在高中已经全部学完了,你要是想加强语法,我相信你肯定有老师发给你们的什么高考冲刺之类的复习书吧?看语法,再把里面的选择题全部好好做完,把错题全部弄懂,为什么错了,相信我,你的语法一定会很牛…… 四六级的关键在于听力和阅读,特别是听力,建议采用精听和泛听,精听就是把重要的单词能写下来的那种,泛听就是大 ...


职称英语讲座 第3讲 构词法

   英语主要有三种构词法:转化、派生和合成。 英语主要有三种构词法:转化、派生和合成。 1.转化:由一个词类转化为另一词类: 1.转化:由一个词类转化为另一词类: 转化 动词转化为名词: (1)动词转化为名词: Let me have a try. 我来试一试。 我来试一试。 我们在那儿停下来游了一会儿泳。 我们在那儿停下来游了一会儿泳。 We stopped there for a swim. Women have an equal say in everything. 妇女在各方面都有同等的 ...


   高考英语必修能力闯关题七 Module 1 My First Day at Senior High 能 力 闯 关 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.What’s your (态度)to solving the problem?[来源:学&科&网] 2.The teacher asks to write a (描述)of our schoolyard in English. 3.He tells people that he’ll move to another p from Shandon ...


       本文由乖乖女的吻贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     新大学英语六级词汇表     A abbreviation abide n.节略,缩写,缩短 vt.忍受     vt.遵守     abolish vt.废除,取消 absent a.不在意的 absorption n.吸收;专注 abstr act a.理论上的 n.抽象 absurd a.不合理的,荒唐的 n.丰富,充裕     abundance    ...


   Unit 6 【重要词汇概览】 重要词汇概览】 ◆ more I'm more outgoing than my sister. adv. (比......) 更,更多的,更大的 (构成多音节形容词和副词的比较级) conj. 比 adj. (心情) 镇静的,无忧虑的 adj. 卤莽的, 轻率的 adj. 用脑筋的,有智力的,聪明的 adj. 体格健美的, 体格强健的 pron. 二者,两者都 adj. 受欢迎的,流行的,通俗的 n. 学业,功课 v. 笑,发笑 adj. 对立的,相反的 n ...


   第 11 卷第 2 期 2009 年 4 月 安顺学院学报 JO U R N A L O F A N SH U N U N IV ERS ITY Vol 11 No 2 Apr 2009 大学英语词汇教学中认知语言学的应用策略 张 廷 庆阳 745000) ( 陇东学院英语系, 甘肃 摘 要: 词汇是英语教学中的重点, 对提升学生英语水平具有重要作用。认知语言学优势显 著, 对大学英语词汇教学有着重要的意义。文章分别从基本范畴理论、原型理论和概念隐喻 理论探讨了认知语言学在大学英语词汇教学中 ...