Unit 2 It must belong to Carla
Learn to make inference Some important phrase
Learn to make inference
能用来表示推测的情态动词 Must, might, could, may, can’t can’ 确信程度大小:must〉 确信程度大小:must〉 may > might 肯定和否定的推测: must(肯定) can’ must(肯定) can’t, couldn’t (否定) couldn’ (否定)
It says Ning on the book.
Whose notebook is this? It must be Ning’s. It has her name on it
Whose guitar is this?
Alice likes playing the guitar.
It might belong to Alice. She plays the guitar.
What can the two boys be watching? You can go and ask them, but they may not answer you.
Whose T-shirts is this?
It can’t be John’s. It’s much too small for him
Mary : She is only one month old. Li Qing: He studies at a college. Linda: She is a beautiful girl. Tony: He came back from Korea yesterday. Susan: She just bought some new clothes. She is a little like a boy.

  1. Whose pen is this? It Liu Mei because I saw her use it the other day. A. can’t be B. might be C. must belong to

  2. That’s a piece of good news. They glad to hear that. A. can be B. might be C. must be

  3. Mary be in Paris. I saw her in town only a few minutes ago. A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. may not

  4. “Whose pen is this?” It Liu Mei because I saw her use it the other day. A. can’t be B. might be C. must belong to

  5. That’s a piece of good news. They glad to hear that. A. can be B. might be C. must be

  6. She her test paper, for only fifteen minutes has passed. A. can’t have finished C. might has finished B. must have finished

  1. 这本书一定是李雷的.他正在找这本书.
This book must be Li Lei’s. He is looking for it. This book must belong to Li Lei.

  2. 这个发带可能是韩梅的。她喜欢戴发带。

  3. 这个排球不可能是玛丽的。她根本不喜欢排球。
This hair band might be Han Mei’s. She likes wearing a hair band. could be
This volleyball can’t be Mary’s. She doesn’t like playing volleyball at all. doesn’t like playing volleyball in the slightest.

  1.Can用在否定句或疑问句中时表示说话人的 “推测”和“不确定” 例如:
  1.Where can he be?
  2.It may be the headmaster. No, it can’t be him. He has gone to shanghai. Could 也有怀疑和不确定的意思(在否定句中和 疑问句中) 例如:
  1. At the time, we thought the story could be true.
  2. He couldn't be a bad man

  2.May 表示说话人的猜测,认为某一事情“或许” 或“可能”发生。 There may be a terrible storm in the following few days. Might 表示推测时,不表示时态。只表示可能性 更小。 He might be at home.

  3. must用在肯定句中表示较有把握的推测,
意为“一定”。 He must be working at home. must 表示对已发生的事情的推测时,must 要接完成式 . The road is wet. It must have rained last night
Some excises

  1. I didn’t hear the phone. I asleep. A. must be B. must have been C. should be D. should have been
  2. Mary be in Paris. I saw her in town only a few minutes ago. A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. may not

  1.If you have any idea where it might be, please call me.
  2.no more 和 no…any more的区别
  3.I think I dropped it during the concerts so it might still be in the symphony hall
  4.However, these days, strange things are happening in our neighborhood and everyone is unhappy.
If you have any idea ….= If you know…. 意思是: 如果你知道 any用于if 引导的条件从句中,有 “若干的,有多少”的意思 e.g. If you have any time, I’d like to talk with you.
No more 与 not… any more的区别
二者都是表示“不再”,“再没有”, no more 要用在谈数量或程度,not…any more 用在谈时间时。 E.g. There is no more bread.(指数量) He’s no more genius than I am。(指程度) He doesn’t live here any more。(指时间)
During 的用法

  1.用在已知的时期、节日或表示时间观念的 名词前e.g. during the summer, during my holidays, during our stay in Japan. 意思为:“当…之际”既可指某一动作在 某个时期内连续不断的发生,也可指某个 动作在这一时期内的某一时间发生: e.g. It snowed all day but stopped snowing during that night.
However 和 these days
However 是转折连词,与but意义相同,但 however是较正式的说法。例如: I know how to pronounce the English word, however I can’t write it. These days意思是:最近,近几天



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