Unit 9 famous women
  1. 他希望在下届奥运会中能创出 100 米短跑世界纪录,然后光荣地退役。 He hopes he can set a world record in the 100-meter race in the next Olympics Games and then rerite with honor
  2. 他不幸患上了癌症,更糟的是他没有足够的钱去治疗。 Unlucky he developed lung cancer. To make matters worse he didn’t have enough money for treatment.
  3. 我相信这些科学家对政府的很多决策有很大的影响力 I believe these scientists have considerable influence over many government decisions
  4. 他因闯红灯而出了车祸,不幸致残。 He was crippled in car accident, which is caused by his running a red light.
  5. 那个搬运工在搬运货物时不小心扭伤了腿,医生建议他每天对腿做一次按摩以辅助治疗。 That porter carelessly twisted his legs while carrying goods and the doctor suggested that he give himself a message every day by rubbing his legs to assist the treatment.
  6. 她们的教练虽然非常严厉却受到她们的尊敬。 Although very strict, their coach is looked up to by them. Unit 10 Success
  1. 在孩子个性形成时期,家长要特别关心并注意他们是否有心理问题的迹象。 Parent should pay special attention to their children during their formative years and watch for symptoms of psychological problems.
  2. 天才往往对自己喜爱的事物充满着激情。 Geniuses usually have a great passion for things they are interested in.
  3. 他不知道简(Jane)就是他的亲生姐姐,只是觉得她的名字听上去有一点点熟悉(familiar) He has no idea that Jane is his biological sister, only her name sounds faintly familiar to him.
  4. 看着稻谷在干燥的阳光下枯死,农民们毫无办法,只有叹息。 Seeing the rice crops dying in the dry sun, the peasants could do nothing but sigh.
  5. 自从杰克(Jack)的老板拒绝了他请长假的要求,他一直在考虑辞职。 Ever since his boss turned down his request for a long vacation, jack has been thinking about quitting his job.
  6. 我不喜欢足球,今天也不例外,我不想和你去看球赛。 I don’t care for soccer, and today’s no exception. So I don’t feel like going to watch the game with you. Unit 11 Summer Jobs
  1. 坐落于中国东部的上海是中国的商业中心。 Shanghai, which is located in the east of China, is the business center of the country.
  2. 我购物时一般付现金,避免使用信用卡。 When I shop, I usually pay by cash and avoid using credit cards.
  3. 卸货时要小心,别把这些电视机给砸了。 Unload with care. Don’t smash these TV sets.
  4. 这天可真热。我几乎一整天都在出汗。 It is so hot. Basically I have been sweating all day long.
  5. 这位拳击手(boxer)朝小偷的脸打了一拳,小偷应声倒地。 The boxer punched the thief in the face, and the latter feel to the ground
  6. 警察命令卡车司机靠边停车,因为从卡车上落下的甜瓜把路搞得一塌糊涂。 The policeman ordered the driver to pull up by the roadside, because the melons that had fallen off the truck had made a mess of the road. Unit 12 War and family
  1. 他被捕后遭到毒打,但却没有向敌人透露任何有用的信息。 He was brutally beaten after being arrested, but he revealed nothing useful to enemy.
  2. 他们面试了很多人,最后终于找到了令他们满意的候选人(candidate) They interviewed a lot of people before finally getting hold of a satisfactory candidate.

  3. 他自愿捐助修建了一所学校以使那些穷孩子能读书。 He made a voluntary contribution to the cost of building a school so that those poor children could get an education.
  4. 为了你我一定会努力训练争取获得进入决赛的资格。 For your snake I will train very hard to get the qualification for the finals.
  5. 在那样的情况下他除了勇敢地面对挑战以外没有其他选择。 Under those circumstances he had no choice but to face up to challenge bravely.
  6. 如果我们想确保及时到达那里就该早点动身。 We should start early if we want to make sure of getting there in time. Unit 13 Born to Buy
  1. 他鼓励儿子积极参加社会活动。 He encouraged his son to participate wholeheartedly in social activities.
  2. 我们意识到了学生们对学习的厌倦情绪,决定进行改革。 We were aware of students’ boredom with their studies and decided to reform.
  3. 根据政府方面的声明,总统正在稳步康复中,但他的病情依然严重。 According to the government statement, the President is recovering steadily, but his condition is still quite severe/serious.
  4. 你们在旅途中有没有什么可怕的事情发生? Was there any scary incident during your journey?
  5. 尽管大多数人对他的雄心壮志不予理睬,但他没有失去信心,仍然努力进行他的项目。 Although most people ignored his ambition, he did not lose heart and still worked hard on his project.
  6. 市长在他明年的经济发展纲要中指出,本市家庭年收入估计将突破 2 万元。 In his program for economic development next year, the mayor pointed out that the annual household income was estimated to exceed RMB 20,0
  00. Unit 14 Memories of the Past
  1. 一些著名的歌唱家将举行一场音乐会,为这家儿童图书馆筹款。但是,音乐会门票的销售情况一点都不让人满意。 Some famous singers were going to put on a concert to raise money for the children’s library. However, the sale of the tickets was far from satisfactory.
  2. 这篇新闻报道真实地展示了监狱中的生活,引起了公众的关注。一些记者决定继续追踪报道。 This news report showed prison life in the raw and got a lot of attention from public. Some reporter decided to follow it up.
  3. 安妮独自一人出发去了那个小镇。她一点都没想过,她的父母会为她的安全而担心。 Anne set out for the small town by herself. It never occurred to her that her parents might be worried about her safety.
  4. 去年, 我取得了做外科医生的资格。 回想在医科大学过的五年, 我觉得那是我生命中最艰苦也是最快乐的一段日子。 Last year, I qualified as a surgeon. I looked back on the five years at medical university as the hardest as well as happiest time of my life.
  5. 布朗先生是一位十分杰出的实业家。他曾经说过, “要想在商业领域里取得成功,你必须得冒许多险。 ” Mr. Brown is an eminent businessman. He once said:”you have to take a lot of risks if you want to succeed in business.
  6. 彼得靠在饭店里洗盘子维持生活。但是最近饭店准备裁员,彼得每天都生活在被解雇的恐惧之中。 Peter makes a living by washing dishes in a restaurant. But recently the restaurant has been planning to cut jobs and Peter is living in daily fear of being fired. Unit 15 Self-Esteem
  1. 有一张名牌大学的文凭,即使在公司解雇人的时候他也不担心会丢工作。 With a diploma form a famous university, he felt secure in his job even when the company was laying off people.
  2. 当鲍勃被指控撒谎时,他勃然大怒。 Bob flew into a rage when (he was) accused of lying.
  3. 由于她的愚蠢,我们的项目彻底泡汤了。 Our project was totally ruined because of her stupidity.
  4. 经理深受公司里同事们的尊敬。
The manager was held in high esteem by his colleagues in the company
  5. 小男孩子跑到他爸爸跟前,兴奋地猛拉他的袖子。 The little boy ran up to his father and tugged his sleeve excitedly.
  6. 很显然,他对他的论文很有信心。 Apparently, he was quite confident about his essay. Unit 16 Mistaken Identity
  1. 餐厅经理一看到百万富翁来用餐,就顾不得和我们讲话了,满脸放光地迎了上去。 The moment the restaurant manager set his eyes on the millionaire, he cut us short and heated for the latter, his face lighting up.
  2. 欢迎乘坐我们的飞机。商务舱在楼上,经济舱就在这一层。 Welcome aboard our plane. The business class section is upstairs and the economy class is right on this floor.
  3. 打喷嚏之后要说“对不起” 。听到别人打喷嚏要说“保佑你” 。 You must say “Excuse me “after sneezing and “Bless you” when someone else has sneezed.
  4. 六号房间号码牌挂倒了,变成了九号,快去把它弄正! The sign for Room “NO. 6 ” has been turned upside down into “NO.9 ”, Fix it up immediately.
  5. 大超市一来,许多小商店都应声关了门。 Many small stores have closed with the arrival of supermarkets.



   Unit 9 famous women 1. 他希望在下届奥运会中能创出 100 米短跑世界纪录,然后光荣地退役。 He hopes he can set a world record in the 100-meter race in the next Olympics Games and then rerite with honor 2. 他不幸患上了癌症,更糟的是他没有足够的钱去治疗。 Unlucky he developed lung cancer. To make matters w ...


   对客服务英语句子练习 Guest Service Sentences for English Practice I want a bit more 我想要多一点 Ok. How can I go to lobby? 大堂怎么走 I can show the way to you. Please follow me. Can you use ** to instead of **? Can you change ** to ** 你可以把**换成** **换成**吗? 你可以把**换成**吗? ...


   1) I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. 我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感觉。 2) No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won‘t make you cry. 没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣。 3) The worst way to m ...


   基本句子翻译 1.下次你应该早点儿来这儿。 2.你最好不要单独去游泳。 3.让以以开始讨论这个难题吧。 4.这箱子太重,这小孩搬不动。 5.每天以父刘去上班需要一个半小时。 6.瞧!树下有一刘刘人正在观看孩子以玩游戏。 7.以感到这个问题很难回答。 8.虽然他以个子不太高,人也不太强壮,但他以刘一支很好刘队伍。 9.你刘英语学习情况怎样? 10.以以以到达火车站时,火车已开走了。 11.这刘刘人已以了 30 多年英语刘刘了。 12.以脸色显得很焦急,因为以妈妈已病了些时候了。 13.中华人民 ...


   1 稍等一会儿,我会帮助你的. (for a while)Just wait for a while and then I'll help you. 句型:祈使句, and / or 主语+谓语… 如:请尽早做出决定,不然你会坐失良机.(or) Please make your decision as early as possible, or you'll miss the golden chance. 2 他们作了自我介绍.(introduce) They introduced them ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题五句子翻译 年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题五 考点一、根据中文补全句子 (2010 江苏省宿迁市五、根据所给汉语完成下列句子,每空词数不限 ,满分 10 分) 61. 迈克敲了敲门,但没有回应。 Mike ▲ the door, but there was no answer. 62. 昨天这位医生为病人做手术了吗? Did the doctor ▲ the patients ye ...


   2010 年中考英语专题复习 05??句子翻译 句子翻译 考点一、根据中文补全句子 (2010 江苏省宿迁市五、根据所给汉语完成下列句子,每空词数不限 ,满分 10 分) 61. 迈克敲了敲门,但没有回应。 Mike ▲ the door, but there was no answer. 62. 昨天这位医生为病人做手术了吗? Did the doctor ▲ the patients yesterday? 63. 我认为用毯子扑灭火是个好方法。 I think it’s a good w ...


   unit 13 现在选择吃什么不像过去一样容易了。我们的饮食习惯已经改变了,正如我们的生活方式一样,我们身体所需要的营养也不一样了。对于二十一世纪的人们来说传统的饮食经常有太多的脂肪和热量。如果我们想要赶上现代生活的快步伐,我们最好学习怎样正确的选择怎样吃和吃什么。 商店供应各种各样的小吃可供我们选择。当我们选择吃什么和买什么的时候,我们最好考虑一下这个食物是否可以供给我们身体所需要的营养物质。一些营养物质有助于构成我们的躯体让身体更强壮。蛋白质,举例来说,我助于我们的肌肉。鱼、肉、豆制品包含 ...


   1、I will borrow whichever tent you are not using now.(你们现在不用的任 何一顶帐篷) 2、Free movie tickets will be given to whoever comes first.(最早来的任何 人们) 3、we agreed to accept whichever condition our caption thought was the best.(任何我们队长认为最佳的条件) 4、 Friends are fo ...


   Unit 1 我还要感谢那些在我处境艰难时支持我的人 1 我还要感谢那些在我处境艰难时支持我的人 My thanks go to those who still stuck by me when I fell upon dark days. 他出版了一本通俗小说,赚了很多钱, 2 他出版了一本通俗小说,赚了很多钱,所以有能力买新房和轿车 Now that he has published a popular novel which earns him a large amount of mo ...



     1. at the thought of一想到…   2. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论   3. at will 随心所欲   4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有   5. access(to) (不可数名词) 能接近,进入,了解   6. by accident(=by chance, accidentally)偶然地,意外. Without accident(=saf ...


   英语课堂教学论文课堂教学设计论文: 英语课堂教学如何进行情景设计 当今世界,人类科学技术的迅猛发展,学习和掌握英语日趋重要。而作为第二语言的英语与学 生学习母语?汉语的一大差异就是没有真实的语言环境。 因此在教学过程中引入或创设许多 生动形象,真实或半真实的交际情景,使英语课堂形象化、趣味化、交际化,能有效地达到语言 作为交际工具的目的,从而提高教学质量和效率。 一、情景设计应把握的主要原则 (一)情景性原则 语言只有在一定的情景中才有意义,才会形象生动,也才会有利于理解和掌握。实物情景 产 ...


   英语四级作文框架大放送 正反观点对比题目 第一段一般只写三句。 第一句:It is widely believed by many people for some time that ... 第二句:One reason they think is that... 第三句:The other reason they hold is that... 第二段一般只写三句。 第一句:While others argue that ... 第二句:They maintain that... 第三句: ...


   俗语说“人出一百,形形色色”。此话不假,英语中也有许许多多个性迥异,品质相去甚 远的人。下面我们一起来认识认识他(她)们。 1、a wise guy 骄傲自大的人。这里的 wise 并不表示“聪明”,相反它含有讽刺的意味。 骄傲自大的人。 Alic's all right, I guess, but sometimes he's such a wise guy. 据我看,亚历克这个人 还不赖,不过有时候太狂妄自大了。有时候本词组还用于朋友之间的调侃。Who's the wise guy th ...


   英语三年级上册教案及教学反思 PEP 英语三年级上册教案及教学反思 [备课笔记]pep 英语三年级上册 unit 2 Look at me 第一课时 教学目标: 1、听懂、会说问候语 Good morning. Nice to meet you. 以及介绍别人用语 This is ...和建议去上学的表述句子 "Let's go to school." 。 2 、 在实际情景中能区分并运用以上各问候语、 介绍别人用语和建议去上学 的表述句子。 3 、进一步培养学生学习英语 ...