英语复习资料 2
Unite 1 第二部分

  1. Get the washing in
  2. Mind sb. Doing sth 我永远爱着你吗?
  3. be in bed with sth.
把洗了的衣服收进来. 介意某人做什么 你介意
Eg. Do you mind me loving you forever?
Eg. Mr.smith is in bed with a high fever.
  4. cheer up 使某人高兴
Eg. When i was ill,my friends often came to cheer me up. 当我生病的时候,我的朋友常常来使我高兴. 我们都竭尽全力使她高兴起来,但是她还
We all try our best to cheer her up,but she always deprived. 是那么的消沉. He cheers up as the thought of the coming holiday. 他一想到房假就很高兴.
  5. reduce one's temperature
  6. Have an affair with sb.
  7. Fall apart 破裂 ,崩溃 当他 降低体温 和某人有外遇了
Eg. When she fond that her husband have an affair with anther woman ,their marriage fell apart. 发现丈夫和别人有外遇的时候,他们的婚姻破裂了.
His business fell apart because of the shortage of funds. 由于资金缺乏他的生意垮掉了. After his wife passed away,he fell apart. 后他崩溃了.
  8. .... ....Apart 的树间距很大.
  9. drop in/around Eg. 一个晚上来见我. Drop in me tonight after work if you can. 可能的话下班后拜访我. If you have chance to come here,make sure you'll drop in on us.
  10. be confused with sth Eg. twins. 胎.
  11. i'am confused.
  12. Rugby 橄榄球 巨大的 惊人的 校际间的活动 我懵了. 如果你来一定要来看我. 把...与.. .. ..混淆了 有 拜访某人 drop in [on] sb. 下周抽 ...............的距离很大 我们种植 妻子死
Eg. We planted trees with a wide apart.
Drop around one evening next week.
I always confused john with bob because they're 我经常把约翰和鲍勃搞混,因为他们是双胞

  13. Tremendous
  14. Intercollegiate

  15. Social occasions 普通人
  17. Luxurious
  18. Tremors
  19. Opponent
  20. Goal posts
  21. Brutal
社交活动 公众场合 ordinary people

  16. The general public
奢侈的,豪华的 颤抖 敌人,对手 射门 名誉 声誉 做什么事值得的

  22. Reputation

  23. Sth be deserved. Eg. 猛推 凶猛的 运动衫 裸露的
Loving you is deserved.

  24. hurl

  25. Fiercely
  26. Jersey
  27. Naked

  28. Be addicted to Eg.
对什么恨狂热 全心全意的 Eg. She is
I am addicted to you,ludonghan 得到更多的. . . . ...

  29. wholeheartedly
  30. Gain in
gaining in beauty.
  31. Draw crowd of 吸引很多的观众
  32. Offside rules 越位规则

  33. Brilliantly
  34. Spectator 在现代
聪明的 观众,旁观者 在古时候 in modern times

  35. In ancient times

  36. A short race 短跑
  37. Make the rules for
  38. Breezily 清爽的 红包 事实是.... .... 认 为什么制定规则

  39. Lucky money/red pocket
  40. The fact is that................
Eg. The view that all people are selfish is one-side. 为所有人都是自私的观点是错误的.
The fact that you haven't enough time to do this is unbelievable. 你没有足够的时间做这个是不能让人信服的. The fact is that he is doing several part times. 实是他正在做好的分兼职. My believing is that' where is a will way' there is a 我的信念是 有志者.事竟 成. What she saw today was impressed me deeply. 他今天看到的给我留下了深深的印象.
  41. a proficiency test 一场水平考试
  42. Critically=seriously 严重的 事

  43. Accuracy should come before fluently. 利更重要
  44. Come after 继任,次于 在某人的童年 有能力的,胜利的 平均 75 分

  45. In one's childhood
  46. Competent
  47. Credit 学分 表演

  48. An average of 75 marks
  49. Act in a play
  50. Referee 裁判

  51. Figure skating 剪刀
花样滑冰 你怎么这样想? innovation 革新,创新 cosmopolitan 世界性大都市 enrollment 征召入

  52. What makes you think that?
  53. Scissors 责任

  54. Commitment excel 优于,胜于
stimulating 促进, 刺激 伍 Spectacular 由.. ..组成 Coeducational 定的时间 GCSE 男女同校
壮观的,令人惊叹的 administration 管理
comprise 在固
at a set time
comprehensive school certificate
综合性大学 secondary
education examination
Sophomore 二 年 级 学 生 school board 校 董 会 certificate 证 书 craftsman promotion 手艺人 促销 decent
provincial diploma snob
毕业文凭 势力小人
体面的,像样的 谦卑的,卑贱的
oblige 责 成 使 感 激 伪君子 提高,增加 假设, 段,工具 tactile 解的
would it not better to Hypocrisy enhance hypothesis vehicle trillion 手 万亿 预期 预料 说话
do....................做. . . . . .不好吗? anticipate utterance
temporally dialect
认知心理学 地方语言 analytical
分析的,分 adj. 具 体 的
concrete N . 混 凝 土 官方 主导的



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