Enjoy your life!
What activity does Helen do after school?
She plays the piano every day!
What activity does Helen do after school?
She often paints/draws pictures!
What activity does Helen do after school?
She often trains kickboxing /TaeKwonDo(跆拳道) !
What activity does Helen do after school?
She sometimes practices singing!
What activity does Helen do after school?
She does her homework every day!
What activity does Helen do after school?
Play the piano
Train kickboxing
Practice Singing
Do homework
What do you think of Helen's afterschool activities?
What does Helen think of her after-school activities?
"On the one hand (一方面) "On the other hand(另一方面) 一方面) 一方面 (另一方面) I love the activities like Sometimes it takes me pianos, painting and too much time to do the kick-boxing because activities. And I feel they make me happy and stressed out when I have I can learn a lot from lots of homework and them." don't get good grades in tests. "
Ask and answer in pairs: Q: What activities do you usually do
after school? What do you think of them?
A: I usually … And I
think …
Cathy Taylor
Fast reading
Why are the children tired?
busy enough a quick supper take…from…to not…until time for homework
Careful reading
Questions (Para 2,
Why do many parents often make their children tired? ( take…from…to…
try to as much as possible )
see … doing do the same (compare…with… 把…和…作比较)
Careful reading
Questions ( Para 4,
  5) :
When does competition start in some families?
start from (send … to… all kinds of)

What does Linda Miller think of that?
crazy shouldn't push…hard
What does Dr Alice Green think of that?
find it hard to ...when
Careful reading
Questions (para
  5) :
What do children need during their study?
On the one hand on the other hand organized activities time and freedom to relax time to do things by themselves
If you were Cathy Taylor's children, what would you say to your mom?
Is the situation(情况) the same in China?
Read the statements. Is the situation the same in China? (Each team choose one topic)
  1. Competition between families starts at a young age. Is that so in China?

  2. Many children are under pressure. How about you? When do you feel under pressure?

  1. Interview some classmates: Q: What should you do to relax when you feel under pressure ?
  2. Fill in the chart. Name The way to relax
Example: Q: What should you do to relax when you feel under
pressure ,Helen?
A: I Should/Maybe I could do chores to relax. Name
The way to relax
do chores
… …

  3.Make a report (You may begin like this ):
Just now I interviewed some classmates about ways to relax. When my friend feel under pressure, maybe he/she could…
Enjoy studying! Enjoy working! Enjoy every day! Life will be more valuable(有价值)!
Homework: Write a letter
Suppose you are Dr Alice Green. Write a letter to Cathy Taylor. Give advice about what she should do with her children.
Dear Cathy,
Dr Alice Green
Topic for Team Are many Chinese children under pressure? How about you? When do you feel under pressure?
Too busy Too much homework Not good at subjects Compare /complete with other students Not get along well with others(与…相处) 相处) 与 相处 Not have a good appearance(外表) 外表) 外表 …
Topic for Team
American and British children do many after-school activities.
How about Chinese children?
Topic for Team
Competition between families starts at a young age. Is that so in China?
Topic for Team
Do you think Chinese parents these days push their children much harder than before? How about your parents? Give an example.


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