1.photo(复数 复数)
  2. fight(过去式 过去式) 复数 过去式
  3.we(反身代词 反身代词)
  4. rush(单三 单三) 反身代词 单三
  5.north(形容词 形容词)
  6.die(名词 名词) 形容词 名词
  7. Have you ever invited a g to your home?
  8. I want to go on a trip , but it may cost lots of m.
  9. I think you will s _if you work hard.
  10. Is the dog a or dead?
词汇考查(10分 词汇考查 分)
单项选择(25分 单项选择 分)

  1.The problem was difficult that no one could work it out. A. such B. so C. very D. too
  2. Is the new pen ? No. is old. A. yours ; Mine B. his ; My C. her ; His D. mine ; His
  3. That’s useful book. I have read it already. A. a B. an C. the D. /

  4. There are two new cars in front of the company. One is mine, and is the manger’s. A. other B. another C. the other D. others
  5. Turn on the radio. ? I asked you to turn on the radio. A. Excuse me B. Sorry C. Don’t you D. Pardon
  6. Hurry up , you’ll miss the early bus. A. so B. But C. and D. or

  7. Lushan Mountain is not very far from here. It’s only ride from here. A. two hours B. two-hour C. two hour’s D. two hours’
  8. Let’s ask that man. He know the way to the station. A. must be B. can C. may D. maybe
  9. Jenny is interested maths while Mary prefers English maths. A. at ;on B. about ; to C. in ; to D. at ;in

  10. When the work, you may go home. A. finish B. will finish C. is done D. will be done
  11. ! There is a car coming. Oh, Thanks. A. Look over B. Look up C. Look on D. Be careful
  12. In the exam, you are, mistakes you will make. A. the careful ;the fewer B. careful ;few B. more carefully ; the fewer D. the more careful ; the fewer

  13. Don’t throw paper on the ground, please. . A. It doesn’t matter B. That’s all right C. Sorry, I won’t D. Excuse me
  14. If a fire breaks out in a big store. You should find the, and then quickly leave. A. ENTRANCE B. EXIT C. NO SMOKING D. OPEN

  15. Dad, there is something wrong with my bike. . I can mend it for you. A. You’re right B. That’s right C. It doesn’t matter D. Of course
  16. Mike broke his leg in the accident. . A. I’m sorry to hear that B. Congratulations. C. Well done D. That’s all right

  17. What a beautiful dress you are wearing today ! . A. Not at all B. Thanks C. Oh, no D. really
  18. Shall we go out for a walk? . A. Yes, I like B. No, I have no time C. Good idea D. Yes, we shall
  19. Today is Jane’s birthday. You should say “ ” to her. A. Glad to hear that B. Happy birthday C. That’s great D. Good luck

  20. Mrs. Smith is woman. A. a eighty-year-old B. an eighty-year-old C. a eighty-years-old D. an eighty-years-old
  21. Which would you like, tea or milk? ,thanks. Just a cup of water. A. Either B. Both C. Neither D. None
  22.How are you feeling now? . A. very interesting B. Much better C. Never mind D. Thank you very much

  23.The price of the house is so __that many people can’t afford it. A. cheap B. expensive C. high D. low
  24. ? I have a bad cold. A. How are you B. What are you doing C. What’s wrong with you D. What’s matter with you
  25. Would you like some moon cakes? . A. Yes, please B. Yes, I would C. No, please D. No, I don’t.
动词应用(10分 动词应用 分)

  1. Listen ! The boys (talk) about the football match.
  2. It’s a fine day today. What about (go) out for a walk?
  3. Stop __(talk) . The teacher is coming.
  4. If you want to be a good basketball player , you must practice (play) basketball every day.

  5. (be) a doctor is my dream.
  6. you ever (ride) a horse?
  7. Miss Wu (be) a teacher since 19
  8. My mother (cook) when I got home yesterday.
  9. By the end last term, we (learn) 1,000 English words.
  10. There is something wrong with my car. It needs (repair).
句型转换(10分 句型转换 分)

  1. They took the man to the police station. (被动语态 被动语态) 被动语态 The man to the police station.
  2. Can you finish the work in a short time? (被动语态 被动语态) 被动语态 Can the work in a short time?
  3. We have already put out the kitchen fire. (否定句 否定句) 否定句 We put out the kitchen fire.

  4. Keep the floor dry, then you won’t slip and fall. (同义句 同义句) 同义句 you don’t keep the floor dry, you slip and fall.
  5. I received a letter from my mother yesterday.(同义句 同义句) 同义句 I my mother yesterday.
  6. She is too short to reach the top of the blackboard.(同义句 同义句) 同义句 She isn’t to reach the top of the blackboard.

  7. Mary is good at English and Lily is good at English.(同义句 同义句) 同义句 Mary is good at English and Lily.
  8. I have something to tell you. It’s very important. (同义句 同义句) 同义句 I have to tell you.
  9. Tom went to bed after the TV play was over. (同义句 同义句) 同义句 Tom __go to bed __the TV play was over.
  10. “Will you go to the cinema tomorrow?” she asked me. (宾语从句 宾语从句) 宾语从句 She asked me I go to the cinema the next day.
健康的生活习惯对于成长中的我们是 非常重要的。 非常重要的。你认为健康的生活习惯 应当是怎样的呢? 应当是怎样的呢?请根据下面的信息 提示,写一篇短文,首句已给出。 提示,写一篇短文,首句已给出。 信息提示: 信息提示:
  1.健康饮食。 健康饮食。
  2.早睡早起 不熬夜。 早睡早起,不熬夜 健康饮食 早睡早起 不熬夜。
  3.参加运动 强身健体。 参加运动,强身健体 参加运动 强身健体。 要求:根据信息提示 把握要点,适当发 根据信息提示,把握要点 要求 根据信息提示 把握要点 适当发 挥,不逐字翻译。字数在80词左右。 不逐字翻译。字数在 词左右。 不逐字翻译 词左右
I think healthy habits are very important for us . As we know , we must have enough food to keep us healthy. Breakfast is necessary. It gives us energy for the morning . We must also have the right kind of food. Remember to eat more fruit and vegetables but less junk food. Don’t forget to wash your hands before meals. Staying up late at night is bad
for our health . If we can’t get enough sleep. We may have a headache . We should go to bed early and go to bed early. Of course it’s necessary for us to take exercise . Exercise will keep us active and strong.


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