1 寒暄介绍 Greeting and Introductions 对话: A:Hello, Mr. Liu. Let me introduce you to Mr. James. Mr. James, this is Mr. Liu, a visitor of me. B:Hello, Mr. James. Nice to meet you. C:Nice to meet you too. I have heard a lot about you. B:Really? Nothing bad, I hope. C:Of course not.You made a lot of new equipment by yourself. B:Yes. I like this work. C:Great! We may need your help later on. B:Sure. Just let me kown when. C:Thanks. I will talk to you later. 补充句型:
  1. Hi! How are you?/ How are you doing? 你好吗?
  2. Hi! It’s nice to meet you! 你好,很高兴见到你。
  3. You look well. 你看起来气色不错。
  4. Fancy meeting you here. 真想不到在这儿碰上你。
  5. I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure. 我想我未曾有幸见过你。
  6. Long time no see. 好久不见。
  7. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jane, and I am a middle school student in Xi’an. 我 来做一下自我介绍,我叫简,是来自西安的一名初中生。
  8. Hello, Mr. Wu, let me introdce you to Mr. Liu. He is our new headmaster. 你好,吴先生,让 我给你介绍一下刘先生,他是我们的新校长。
  9. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Bruse. 很荣幸认识你,布鲁斯先生。
  10. I’ve heard a lot about you, Betty, now I finally have the chance to meet you in person. 贝蒂, 久仰大名,今天终于有幸见到你了。 2 天气 About weather 对话: A:Good moring Dad, How is the weather today? B:Not so good. It’s windy. A:Well, can we go out for our pacnic as we talked last night? B:I do not think so. It seems to rain. We’d better stay at home today. A:Oh, come on Dad.You promised me. B:I’m sorry, son. But the weather outside is bad, and it will be raining all these days. A:When will this wet weather clear up? B:The weather report said next week. Maybe next weekend we can go hiking. A:Ok, deal? B:Yeah, it’s a deal. 补充句型:
  1. How is the weather today? 今天的天气怎么样?
  2. The weather is nice today. 今天天气很好。
  3. What was the weather like yesterday? 昨天的天气如何?
  4. Yesterday rained all day. 昨天下了一整天的雨。
  5. What will the weather be like tomorrow? 明天的天气会怎么样呀?

It’s going to snow tomorrow. 明天将下雪。 It’s quite cold today. 天气很冷。 It’s been cloudy all moring. 整个上午都是多云天气。 It’s probably clear up this afternoon. 下午应该会放晴吧。 The days are getting hotter. 天气越来越热。 What’s the temperature today? 今天多少度? The wind is rising. 刮风了。 It’s fine today. 今天天气真好呢。 It’s pouring with rain out there! 现在正在下大雨。
3 星期与月份 Days and Months 对话: A: What day is today, Dr. Jansen? B:Today is Monday. This is January. A:Is this your book, Dr. Jansen? B:No, it isn’t. Maybe it’s Dr. Baker’s. A:Dr. Baker is in the hospital. He’s not very well. B:Was he in the hospital last week,too? A:No. He was very well last week. B:You were in Washington, D.C. for several days, weren’t you? A:Yes, I was. I was there in December. B:Where were you in November? A:I was here in November. B:Wasn’t your friend Harry here last week? A:Yes. He was here for three days last week. 补充句型:
  1. What day is /was It today/yesterday? 今天?昨天是星期几?
  2. Today is Monday. 今天星期一。
  3. What month is this? This is January. 现在是几月?现在是一月。
  4. Last month was December, wasn’t it? 上个月是十二月,对吗?
  5. What’s the date? 今天几号?
  6. I was in the hospital for several weeks. 我在医院待过几周。
  7. Where were you on Tuesday? 周二你在哪?
  8. It’s first of April. April Fool’s Day! 今天是 4 月 1 日,是愚人节! (注:补充星期,月份:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.) 4 寻求帮助 Asking for help 对话: A:Good moring! Can I help you? B:I’d like a single room. A:Do you have a reservation? B:No.
A:That’s all right. We will have some. How long are you going to stay here? B:It depends, maybe two or three days. A:Any other requests? B:I want the room with a bath and facing to the see. A:We have the one you need on the eighth floor . B:That’s fine. How much do you ask for that room a day? A:It’s thirty-five dollars a day. 补充句型:
  1. Could I trouble you with something for a moment please? 请问可以麻烦你一下吗?
  2. My friend, I am in a big mess, do you think you could help me tomorrow? 朋友, 我现在忙得 一塌糊涂。明天你可以帮我一下吗?
  3. I hate to bother you, could you pass me that book? 不好意思麻烦你了,请问你能帮我递一 下那本书吗?
  4. Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me. 劳驾,能帮个忙吗?
  5. You look bothered. Is there something I can do for you? 看来你遇到麻烦了,有什么可以帮 你的吗?
  6. No sweat! I’d be happy to help. 没什么!很高兴我能帮上忙。
  7. Do you need any help? 需要帮忙吗?
  8. May I ask a favor? 能帮个忙吗?
  9. If there is anything you need, just knock on my door. 有什么需要帮忙的话,尽管敲门来找 我。 5 提问题 Asking questions 对话: A:When you called me last night, I was addressing some letters. B:How many letters did you write last night? A:Quite a few. There were ten envelopes, I believe. B:While you were writing letters, I was reading a book. A:Were you at home most of the day yesterday? B:I was at home part of the day. I went to the doctor’s office. A:Did you go to the doctor’s office in the afternoon? B:No. I went there about 10 o’clock in the morning. A:What time did you wake up yesterday morning? B:I waked up nearly at 9 am. A:Well, a little late. 补充句型:
  1. Where were you yesterday afternoon? I was at home all afternoon. 昨天下午你在哪? 我整 个下午都在家。
  2. What were you doing at about 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon? 昨天下午 4 点左右你在干什 么?
  3. Can you guess what I was doing this morning? 你能猜出今天上午我在做什么吗?
  4. I can’t remember what John was doing last weekend. 我记不起来约翰上周末在干什么?
  5. What do you mean by that? 你这是什么意思?
  6. I am not sure I know what you mean. 我不能肯定我是否领悟了你的意思。

What are you trying to get at? 你想达到什么目的? Do you know where I can get a cheap bike? 你知道哪儿可以买一辆便宜的自行车吗? Do you have change for the ice cream? 你有买冰激凌的零钱吗? How long will it take you to go to work from your home? 从你家到上班的地方要用多长时 间?
  11. Do you know how to ski? 你知道怎样滑冰吗?
6 邀请拜访 Invitations and Visits 对话: A:Good. I am glad you enjoyed it. Would you like dessert? B:No, thanks, I am so full. Besides, I really need to get home soon. A:All right. How about some coffee? They have great coffee here. B:Decaf? A:Yes, good decaf. Excuse me, waiter, could we have two decafs please? C:Certainly. I will be right back with that. (Waiter returns with coffee) A:Thank you. B:Great. C:Can I get you anything else? A:Um. No, I think this will do it. Just the check when you have a minute. No rush. C:Ok. (Waiter returns with the check) C:Here you are, sir. A:Thank you. B:I’m buying dinner tonight. A:No, dinner is on me tonight. I ask you to dinner and it is on me. B:All right. Great meal. Thank you very much. A:It’s my pleasure. 补充句型:
  1. Are you free later today? 今天晚些时候有空?
  2. It’s on me. 我请客。
  3. Don’t forget our dinner in my house. I invited you and John today. 别忘了今晚来我家吃饭, 我请了你和约翰。
  4. Do you mind if I stop by later today? 今天晚些时候我顺路拜访,你介意吗?
  5. What time should I be there? 我该什么时间到那里?
  6. Sorry to have have kept you waiting. 对不起,让你久等了。
  7. I’d like to make an appointment for this Saturday. 我想在这个星期六约个时间见面。
  8. What time would you like me to come? 你要我什么时候来?
  9. Do you have any plans for this weekend? 你这个周末有安排吗?
  10. Are you interested in going dancing tonight? 今晚有没有兴趣去跳舞?
  11. I’m inviting you to my birthday party. 我要请你参加我的生日派对。
  12. Would you like to go shopping with me this weekend? 这个周末想跟我去逛街吗?
  13. Jane is ill. How about going to see her tonight? 简生病了。今晚看望她怎么样?
7 业余爱好 About Hobbies 对话: A:I’v started a new hobby. B:Is that so、 A:Yes, from now on I am not going to waste away in front of the television. I’ve decided to run a part-time business. B:But that’s not a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun. A:It is fun. So, what hobbies do you have? B: Me? I collect interesting worms. A:Oh, that’s really weird. 补充句型:
  1. My hobby is collecting stamps. What’s yours? 我的爱好是集邮,你呢/
  2. She devotes a lot of time to her hobbies. 她在爱好上花了很多时间。
  3. Some people like horseback riding, but I prefer golf as a hobby. 有些人喜欢骑马,但我喜欢 打高尔夫。
  4. On the weekends I like to get my mind off my work by reading a good book. 在周末我喜欢 读好书来把我的注意力从工作中转移出来。
  5. Do you have any special interests other than your job. 你除了工作之外还有其他的爱好 吗?
  6. For me, cycling is both a sport and a hobby. 对我来说,骑车既是一项运动也是一项爱好。
  7. Some people have pets as hobbies. 有些人的业余爱好是养宠物。
  8. Jack enjoyed hiking and dancing. 杰克喜欢徒步旅行和跳舞。
  9. I like visiting different places. 我喜欢到各处观光。
  10. I am a fan of playing basketball. 我特别喜欢打篮球。 8 购物 About Shopping 对话: A:welcome to our counter. What can I do for you, miss? B:I’d like a bottle of perfume, the best one ,please. A:Ok, this is made in France-one of the best perfumes in the world. It has a European lily fragrance. B:Yeah, It’s well-known trademark. I’ll have one bottle. A:Anything else? B:No, that’s all. A:Please wait a moment, I will pack it up for you. 补充句型:
  1. Have you ever been to shanghai. 你去过上海没?
  2. Look, here is a special offer on jeans and sportswear. 看,这儿的牛仔裤和休闲服的特殊优 惠。
  3. This is the most popular style this winter. How do you like it? 这是今冬最流行的款式, 你认 为如何?
  4. Off-season clothes are usually sold at very low prices. 换季衣服的售价通常很低。
  5. Cash only
9 旅行 对话: A: I thought you said we were going to stay three days in Chicago. B: We are. It’s two nights in the hotel, july 3rd and 4th, but three days altogether. A: I see. We arrive early on the third, and we leave at 11:30pm on the fifth. C: That’s correct. As you see, I’ve made reservations for you on the night train to New York on the fifth. You’ll have two sleeping berths. B: So it is really a full day on the fifth. C: Plenty of time for shopping and sightseeing. You’ll even have enough time for a show in the evening because the train station is near the theater district. A: I think that work out fine. I hope I’ll be able to sleep on the train. C: Believe me, it’ll be an interesing experience to ride on the train. B: What about hotels in New York City? C: You have accommodation at the New York Sheraton on 7th Avenue and 53rd street. Fortunately, even though you’ll be travelling at the peak of the tourist season, I was able to get you a good room there. B: That’ll be great. 补充句型:
  1. Your passport and declaration card, please. 请出示你的护照和海关申报单。
  2. Do you have anything to declare? 你携带的东西有必须申报的吗?
  3. What’S the purpose of your visit? 旅行的目的是什么?
  4. The camera are for my personal use. 这些照相机是我自用的。
  5. Please open this bag. 请打开这件行李。
  6. May I see your passport, please? 麻烦请给我看一下你的护照好吗?
  7. Where are you staying? 你将在哪儿住宿?
  8. Are you travelling alone or with friends? 你是一个人去旅游还是结伴而行? 10 运动 对话: A: Brain, playing tennis seems interesting. B: Would you like to learn? A: Yes.how do you play? B: Tennis can be played in singles and doubles. The outside line is for doubles and the inside line is for singles. A: How do you decide who starts? B: Well, you can toss a coin to decide. Whoever wins chooses either to start or which side of the court o play on. A: How do you score? B: To begin with, the score is “LOVE all”. A: LOVE means 0? B: You have got it. You then score 15, 30 and
  40. If you get to 40 and win again, you win the game. A: The opponent starts serving then? B: Right. See. You know how to play now.
A: Let’s try it sometime. B: Sure! 补充句型:
  1. I usually go to the gym after work.. 我经常下班以后去健身房。
  2. Baseball is my favourite sport. What’s yours? 棒球是我最喜欢的运动,你喜欢什么运动?
  3. I like playing basketball and badminton. 我喜欢打篮球和羽毛球。
  4. He is a crazy fan of the NBA



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