1. What do you think about the parents’ true love for children?
Nowadays in China, parents, especially those of teenagers, care about their children’s education more than anything else. They would do anything for their children when it comes to their education. Many of them spend most of their spare time coaching their children in their studies; those who have no time or are not able to do it have tutors hired for their children. Many have their children sent to after-class schools which are in fashion all across China. Some others even have tried to improve their living environment. It seems as if a better education is all that parents expect for their children. The present situation can be explained by the following reasons. First of all, the swift development of China’s economy is calling for more and more skilled and knowledgeable workers and professionals. Second, the awareness of today’s parents’ has been growing that success in this world depends more on skills and knowledge than on anything else. Lack of training or education means lack of skills and knowledge, and lack of skills and knowledge means lack of competitiveness. Last but not least, with school education becoming more and more expensive, it is only too natural for parents to expect their investment could pay off by their children’s becoming somebody or doing something great as a result of the education they have received. Of course, I’m happy to see much of parents’ attention paid to their children’s education. However, they should not go too far to ignore their children’s abilities and personal qualities. True, it is important to learn to succeed, but the first thing to learn is how to survive and how to be a qualified citizen. If parents can have this point in their minds and try their best to help build their children’s characters, it will bring a happy life to their children when they grow up.

  3. Tell a story of a disabled person who is successful in life, What have you learned from him or her?
Tai Lihua, Chinese disabled person art group's dancer, Chinese Special Art Association vice-president. This two ear deaf girl, has moved the people with the life deduction's dance. The family was occupied by Hubei Yichang's Tai Lihua, the hour has lost the hearing because of the high fever injection chain mildew element, henceforth entered a silent world. In the rhythm class, teacher trod the sound wood floor's vibration, initiation she to music being infatuated, but is called as by her “looked obtained music” the dance also henceforth became her life bright color - her Lai Yi expressed the inner world the language. in March, 2003 in Poland, "que Spirit" has waved entire audience's heart, when they knew when Tai Lihua does not hear his applause, has flowed off the sad tear. Tai Lihua has visited more than 20 countries successively, in domestic and foreign performs several hundred, by it “the peacock beautiful, was noble and pure and is light and lively” has conquered the different skin color audience. in 2005 CCTV at the Spring Festival evening show she leads a dance the group dancing - - thousand Goddess of Mercy, let hundreds of millions Chinese ponder, the move from the liveliness. “All person's life is actually same, has the circle to have lacks has free time completely, this is you cannot choose. But you may choose looked that the life the angle, has a look at the life much complete, then brings the heart which feels grateful joyfully to go to the life true meaning which is I comprehends facing life not complete - - this.” The brilliant side, belongs to lightly, light, if the water “the peacock fairy maiden”, “the Goddess of Mercy elder sister” were still diligently striving after is jumping
life this big dance. 邰丽华,中国残疾人艺术团的舞蹈演员,中国特殊艺术协会副主席。 这位两耳失聪的女孩,用生命演绎的舞蹈感动了国人。 家住湖北宜昌的邰丽华, 小时因高烧注射链霉素而失去了听力, 从此进入了一个无声的 世界。律动课上,老师踏响木地板的震动,启蒙了她对音乐的痴迷,而被她称作“看得到的 音乐”的舞蹈也从此成为她生命的亮色??她赖以表达内心世界的语言。 2003 年 3 月在波兰,一支《雀之灵》舞动了全场观众的心,当他们知道邰丽华听不到 自己的掌声时,流下了伤心的泪。 邰丽华先后出访过 20 多个国家,在国内外演出数百场,以其“孔雀般的美丽、高洁与轻 灵”征服了不同肤色的观众。2005 年中央电视台春节联欢晚会上她领舞的群舞??千手观 音,让几亿中国人从热闹中沉思、感动。 “其实所有人的人生都是一样的,有圆有缺有满有 空,这是你不能选择的。但你可以选择看人生的角度,多看看人生的圆满,然后带着一颗快 乐感恩的心去面对人生的不圆满??这就是我所领悟的生活真谛。”绚烂之极,归于平淡, 平淡若水的“孔雀仙子”、“观音姐姐”仍在孜孜以求地跳着人生这出大舞。
4 .List at least three kinds of sports and games you like, which one do you prefer? Please illustrate reasons why you like it.
我喜欢打篮球 我的课外生活,是那么的丰富多彩:读书、上网、听音乐、打篮 球……可我最喜欢的是打篮球。 寒假的一天,我和几个同学来到学校的操场上 打篮球。我们分成两队,每队 5 人首发,还各有两名替补。 比赛开始了,我们 队的中锋陈恒森把篮球打了过来,我抢到篮球,立马运球过中场。因有王浩成给 我掩护,我加快速度,像一匹脱缰的野马一样直捣黄龙,一下子就吸引了三名对 手的包围夹击。他们高高跃起,试图盖我的球。我临危不惧,用眼睛的余光扫视 了一下四周,看见了小王浩,便一个背后传球,把球传给了身处空位的小王浩, 他接球后,一跃而起,球应声入篮。 球一进,大家欢呼雀跃,击掌庆祝。没想 到对手追着我们打,立刻发出界外球,趁我们不备打起了快攻。“快,快回防!” 我边回防,便大喊着。我们立刻回防,可对手已经冲到了篮下。忽然,王浩成出 其不意地从对手身后跳起,给他来了个盖帽。说时迟,那时快,我抢到篮球,飞 马流星般冲向前场。这时我们对对手形成了“三打二”的优势,紧接着一个漂亮的 “二过一”后,陈恒森一个三步上篮,还造成了对手一个犯规。球场上响起了我们 的欢呼声,大家相拥庆祝,而对手却垂头丧气……最终,凭借我们队精湛的球技 和团结协作,我们以
  24:6 的比分取得了最后的胜利。 对于我来说,打篮球不 仅能锻炼身体, 能磨炼坚强的意志, 能明白合作的重要, 更让我体会到许多道理。 篮球这项运动,她像是一盘深奥难解的棋局,高手之间的对弈,不仅仅是棋技上 的比拼,而是意志和心理上的比拼。往往胜负不仅仅是说谁的技艺更高超,而是 谁的意志更坚强。比如说:去年 NBA 季后赛首轮,联盟的常规赛冠军小牛队却 被名列第八的勇士队击败,成就了勇士的“黑八奇迹”。正所谓骄兵必败,而且小 牛队在连输两场的情况下没有在意志上战胜对手,吞下失败之果也不足为怪。正 是小牛队的骄傲害了他们。 我喜欢打篮球,因为打篮球不仅强壮身体,还让人 从中明白人生道理, 让人收益匪浅。 I like playing basketball my extra-curricular life, is so rich and varied: reading, Internet, listen to music, playing basketball…… may be my favorite is playing basketball. Winter vacation day, and several students came to school on the playground playing basketball. We divided into two teams, each team starting five, with two benches. Game
started, our team of the basketball center Chen hengsen fought over, I grabbed the basketball, immediately dribble a midfielder. Wang Hao as a result of the cover to me, I speed up the pace, like a wild horse, like the Tuojiang Zhidao Huanglong, immediately attracted a pincer attack from the siege of three opponents. They leaping high, I tried to cover the ball. I Linweibuju, with the eyes of Yuguang glance around to see the small Wang Hao, then a pass behind, passed the ball a little space 身处 Wang Hao, after his catcher, jumped the sky and the ball went Into the basket. Into a ball, everyone cheered, the extra cash on hand to celebrate. We did not expect a rival Zhuizhe, immediately issued Jiewai Qiu, when we do not prepare and prevent a fast break. "Quick, quick-back!" I-back defense, then the shouting. We immediately back to defense; opponents have rushed to the basket. Suddenly, a surprise Wang Hao from behind Tiaoqi opponent, to give him the blocks. Said at the late, then fast, I grabbed the basketball, like Pegasus meteor into the market before. At this time our opponents formed a "three strikes and the" advantage, followed by a beautiful, "one or two" after a three-step layup Chenheng Sen, also caused a foul opponents. Stadium sounded on our cheers, we Xiangyong celebration and opponents have Chuitousangqi…… ultimately, by virtue of our superb skill and team unity, cooperation, we made a score of 24:6 final victory. For me, playing basketball can not only exercise, to temper their strong will, can understand the importance of cooperation led me to understand many principles. Basketball of the campaign, she like an esoteric difficult the game, between the top matches, not just on the technical chess competition, but will and psychological competition. Who said that often the outcome is not only the skills of higher-chao, but who will be any stronger. For example: NBA first round of the playoffs last year, the League regular season champion Dallas has been ranked eighth victory over the Warriors, the Warriors success of the "black eight miracle." Is the so-called Jiaobingbibai and Mavericks in the case of two Lianshu not on the will of the defeated his opponent, swallow the failure of the fruit also come as no surprise. Dallas is the pride of their victims. I like playing basketball, playing basketball not only because of strong physically, but also people understand life from the truth, people gains a great de

  6. What are the aspects concerning keeping healthy? What are your means of recreation?
Sports and Health
  1. 要有健全的头脑,
  2. 就应有健全的身体。
  3. 要想身体好,
  4. 体育锻炼是最好的方法。
  5. 我要积极参加体育锻炼,
  6. 有个好体魄。 A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. As is known, to have a sound mind, we must first have a sound body. This is of vital importance. Only by keeping ourselves healthy and strong can
we feel energetic and vigorous in studying and working and live a happy life. To keep ourselves fit, physical exercise is the best way. In taking part in out-door sports, we are cl oser to nature and can take in fresh air. The beauty of nature will keep us clear-headed, which is es sential to our health. Besides, sports stimulate the circulation of blood and help to excrete the wast es in the body. Sports can also work up our appetite and activate our digestion. As a result, we can become strong-bodied. I always take an active part in physical exercise and enjoy good health. I seldom get sick but feel v igorous even if I work a whole daylong. I shall keep up doing physical exercise so as to live longer and do more for the country.
I like play basketball very much. I think it is one of the most popular ways to relax. And it can help your body grow stronger. I often play basketball on PE lesson and after school. In this way I make friends with a lot of basketball-liker. We always play together. Basketball bring me so much, I like it!
How to keep your body healthy, I think body exercise is important method. So our nation physic education department sparkplugs students to attend exercise for one hour every day. Sport can make a lot of function to the body. We can know from the view below. On the one hand, body exercise can accelerate the blood to flow, the flowing blood bring lots of nutrition to every place of your body, and take away the body waste, and hasten to build the body. On thd other hand, exercise can stimulate every system of your body, for example, when you play basketball, you jump and run constantly during the basketball sport. Your body weight add more burden to joints, and your muscle shrink frequently, it is demanded to adapt to the exercise, consumes more energy for the task and takes more burden. Then the joint and muscle will grow strong after those stimulating, and will be ready for more strong stimulating. This mean that exercise make your body grow fast and become stronger. The third hand, body exercise can improve body immunity system, when doing body exercise, your body is perspiring, it not only take away the body waste, but also make fluent to all paths into your body. Let you feel well after sport, and keep far away illness. So you will be healthy. After we get the view, let’s do exercise every day, do our best to keep healthy.

  7.Do you agree with studying abroad, why or why not? .
Nowadays, going abroad for studies is enjoying a striking popularity among adolescents.



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