英语学案 07 Unit2 What’s the matter? Section B (1a-2c) 标签: 英语 学案 07 unit matter section
Unit2 What’s the matter? Section B (1a-2c)
  1. 知识与技能:
  1) Master the new words and phrases: thirsty, stress, be stressed out, early, problem
  2) Target language: A: What’s the matter …? B: …be + adj. A: …should/shouldn’t…
  3) Talk about the health problem and give advice. Know how to form good habits and healthy lifestyle.
  4) Practice listening and speaking skills.
  2. 过程与方法:
  1) Use Task-based learning approach.
  2) Let the students work in pairs to learn the cooperative learning.
  3) Autonomous learning and cooperative investigation (自主学习,合作探究)
  3. 情感态度与价值观: Care for health. Learn to form good habits and healthy lifestyle. 【学习重点、难点】 重点:
  1. Words, phrases and target language
  2. Talk about the health and give advice. Learn to form good habits and healthy lifestyle. 难点:How to form good habits and healthy lifestyle in the study and life. 【学习过程】 I. Warm up Task
  1. Check the new words
  1) Read and have a dictation 口渴的 有压力的 提早地 问题
  2) Do the exercises: Look at the picture and fill the chart. This is Bingbing Fan. She has a good habit in the life, she often does exercise. Today is very hot, she gets up e, She goes on a big dessert trip. So she is s out the dessert trip. She walks a long time. She is t and t. But now she has a big p, she forgets to take water. What’s the matter ?

  3) Do
1a on P10 Task
  2. Write down your problems in your life and study. Adj.(形容词) tired/ problem
Phrases of verbs (动词短语)
can’t sleep well/
II. Pre-task Task
  1. Free talk Group work: Use the words and phrases to talk about your problems and give advice. 参考句型: A: What’s the matter /problem? B: I am… C: What’s the matter? D: She/He is … C: She/He should /shouldn’t… 参考词汇: Adj. Tired, worried, fat, bored, shy, hungry ,thirsty, stressed out problem Phrases of Can’t sleep well, can’t study English well, don’t eat verbs(动 anything 词短语) eat an apple , talk more with others, listen to carefully in English Advice class, eat a little sweet food, drink some water/have a drink, go to bed early, listen to music Task
  2. Make a conversation Use the chart above and talk about what are the students’ problems and give advice. 参考句型: A: What’s the matter? B: I am… A: You should… B: That sounds like a good idea. A: You shouldn’t… B: I guess you’re right. III. While-task Task
  1. Finish 1b Task
  2. Finish 2a, 2b and 2c Task
  3. Make a conversation. Use the information from the chart above of 2a IV. Post-task Task
  1. Make a survey. Survey your partners’ problems in the life and study then give advice, finish the chart below. Name Problem Should Shouldn’t Jim tired
  2. Report your survey. Give us a report with the sentences. Task
  3. Write a report. Write it down. Model: Jim is tired. She should /she shouldn’t… V. Summary

  1. Sum up how to talk about your problems and give advice?
  2. Sum up how to form good habits and healthy lifestyle in your life.
  3. Exercises: 看图,根据图和下列文所提的情景完成句子,然后将图文配对。
  1) Mr. Jackson is quiet. He is going to have his first fight against a strong boxer. Now he is s.
  2) Miss Brown is hot and t. She rushes to the kitchen and get some water to d.
  3) Mr. Smith is very h because he hasn’t eaten for 8 hours. When he g home, he quickly takes an apple and e it up.
  4) This is Kate. She’s t after a day’s hard work. She hto go to bed e tonight.
  5) Sonja’s father is a teacher. He likes music very much. He’s going to lsome pop music over the radio. 图文配对 1 2 3 4 5 VI. Homework
  1. Finish Tongbu.
  2. Review 1a-2c
  3. Preview 3a-
  4. Finish
  4. 教后反思:本课重点谈论亚健康的问题,很贴近学生的生活实际,学生兴趣 高;又因为所学内容较简单,在备课时设计了相应的练习题,学生能当堂完成, 所以效果较好。自我感觉是一节较成功的课。


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