uction are getting worse and worse with the rapid development of science and technology. On the other hand, many people have realized the urgency of solving the problem. In brief, we have a long way to go before we can make the earth a better place to live in. 【学习要点】? ① disafforestation 砍伐森林,即 dis- + afforest(造林于空地)+ -ation ? ② put into effect 实行;实现;使生效 如:This city is about to ?put? a reform law ?into effect?.这个市要实施一项改革法。 比较 take effect: 生效, 见效 如: This pill ?takes effect?
as soon as you swallow it.这药丸一吞下去就见效。? ③ far from 远离;远远不,完全不, 如:Far from?being stingy, he is most generous.他非但不 吝啬,相反极慷慨。?? My View on Environmental Pollution? It is well known that the world we live in is getting worse and worse because of the increasing environmental destruction. For example, many people are cutting down trees for fuel or sale, but deforestation results in the increase of global temperature and unpleasant change of climate. Besides, human beings are being bothered by water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution.? Governments of most countries have taken some measures to stop the environment from being further damaged. Many people are trying hard to find ways to prevent the pollution from going on. Laws concerning environmental protection have been put into effect and situations in many regions have improved. ? However, the problem of environmental protection is far from being solved completely. On the one hand, environmental pollution and destruction are getting worse and worse with the rapid development of science and technology. On the other hand, many people have realized the urgency of solving the problem. In brief, we have a long way to go before we can make the earth a better place to live in. 【学习要点】? ① disafforestation 砍伐森林,即 dis- + afforest(造林于空地)+ -ation ? ② put into effect 实行;实现;使生效 如:This city is about to ?put? a reform law ?into effect?.这个市要实施一项改革法。 比较 take effect: 生效, 见效 如: This pill ?takes effect? as soon as you swallow it.这药丸一吞下去就见效。? ③ far from 远离;远远不,完全不, 如:?Far from? being stingy, he is most generous.他非但 不吝啬,相反极慷慨。?
?&08 Environmental Protection 环境保护

  1.The city was beautified on a tremendous scale. 这城市进行了大规模地美化。?
  2.Many people insist that environmental protection should be a top priority. 许多人坚持认为环 保应是头等大事。?
  3.The environmental damage is the price we have to pay for the rapid economic development. 环 境的破坏就是我们为快速的经济发展所付出的代价。?
  4.Our living conditions are getting worse and worse because of the destruction of our environment. 因为我们的环境遭到破坏,我们的生活条件也随之日益恶化。?
  5.To a large extent, the destruction of environment results from the rapid development of economy and increase of population. 在很大程度上, 环境的破坏导致于经济的快速发展和人口的增长。
  6.Overuse of natural resources has affected ecological balance. [CS]自然资源的过度利用已影响 了生态平衡。?
  7.Governments of all countries should establish strict laws to stop the environmental pollution.所 有国家的政府都应建立严格的法律,来阻止环境污染。?
  8.Smoke and harmful chemicals from factories and garbage from cities have polluted our
environment. 工厂排放出的烟和有害化学物质及城市垃圾污染了我们的环境。?
  9.Deserts can be turned into cultivated land and oases by planting a certain kind of shrub. 在沙漠 上种植某种灌木丛,能使沙漠变为耕地和绿洲。?
  10.Recycling of paper, steel, and plastics is important for helping protect our environment. 回收 利用纸、钢和塑料对于保护环境极为重要。?
How to Solve the Problem of Environmental Protection? ?
The problem of environmental protection has drawn attention and concern of people all over the world, for people have realized that humans are a part of nature and should be responsible for the ecological balance. The world population is growing so rapidly that our earth seems too crowded. Vast stretches of fertile lands are being turned into deserts. The reduction of wooded areas has resulted in increased flooding and water shortages in dry seasons. ? There are two basic sources of the problems. One is man?made. For instance, people cut down trees either for sale or for fuel. The coverage of the world’s forests is rapidly diminishing, which is attributed to the denudation and forest fires. Another destructive factor is war. During the wars in Iraq and Yugoslavia, many chemical weapons were used. Consequently, the natural environment is seriously damaged. The other is natural catastrophes, such as forest fires,floods, and volcanoes. So, governments of all countries should establish strict laws to prevent the environment from being further polluted. Measures should be taken to make people realize the urgency of protecting our earth. Besides, more greenbelts should be built every year, and forests should be well protected. Everyone should try his best to make our earth a better place to survive. 【学习要点】? the ecological balance 生态平衡 diminish (使)减少; (使)变小? catastrophe 大灾难? greenbelts 绿色地带? Fortune smiles upon the brave and frowns upon the coward. 好运向勇敢者微笑,对懦夫皱眉。
&09 Education 教育

  1. Self-education is a process in which people develop their minds and gain knowledge by teaching themselves through reading books rather than learning things in school.自我教育是通过 读书而不是在学校学习来发展思维、获得知识的过程。?
  2.Self-education stays with us throughout our lives.自我教育伴随我们一生。?
  3.It is impossible to keep up with the world unless you keep on learning.如果不坚持学习, 就不可 能跟上世界的发展。?
  4.If you want to remain competent in the fierce competitions, you have to spend much time reading to make yourself qualified for the present job.如果你想要在激烈的竞争中保持有竞争 力,你就得花好多时间读书来使自己工作称职。?
  5.Self?education is an effective way to make ourselves intelligent and learned.自我教育是使自 己聪明和长知识的有效方式。?
  6.The urgent problem for us to solve is that of the education of children in many rural areas. 我们 要解决的紧迫问题是许多农村儿童受教育的问题。?
  7.Nowadays many jobs demand young people with a college education. 现在许多工作都要求有 大学学历的年轻人。?

  8.The cost of educating children has been rising enormously. 儿童教育费用一直大幅度增长。 ?
  9.What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul. ?Addison ?教育之于灵魂,犹雕刻之于大理石。 ??阿狄生?
  10.The three foundations of learning: seeing much, suffering much, and studying much. ?Catheral? 求学的三个条件是:多观察,多吃苦,多研究。 ??加菲劳?
On The Importance Of Education? ?
Education plays an important role in one’s life. It is a process in which one acquires his knowledge and ability for his future career. A good education prepares one for the fruitful life and successful career in future. One who keepson learning anything new can keep up with the rapid development of the world, make himself qualified for his job, and improve his working and living conditions. Thus, it is necessary for one to receive education.? Education also plays an important part in society. It is a decisive factor in social progress. Education makes it possible to pass on the valuable knowledge of our ancestors, and at the same time, makes it easier to explore the contemporary world. Most inventions and advances have been made by well-educated people. It has been proved that education is necessary for the development of economy and the advance of civilization. Countries like Japan that have laid great emphasis on education have become developed and advanced countries. With the increasing number of educated people, our country is developing very fast.? Therefore, education is the key to the development of individuals and the nations. In order to catch up with the advanced and developed countries, we must attach great emphasis to education. attach emphasis to 重视,相当于 lay emphasis on?? 重视,
&10 Generation Gap 代沟

  1.The young are better educated; they enjoy a lot more things than the old: they have money to spend; they are less dependent on their parents; they grow up more quickly; and they enjoy more freedom. 年轻人受更好的教育;他们欣赏的东西比老年人多很多:他们有钱可花;他们不太 依靠父母;他们成长较快,而且他们更喜欢自由。?
  2.The young do not blindly accept the ideals of their elders. 年轻人并不盲目接受老年人的理 想。?
  3.The old assume that they know best, but it is only a matter of experience. 老年人认为他们知道的最多,可这只是经验的问题。?
  4.The young know how to enjoy work and leisure and not to be inhibited. 年轻懂得怎样享受工 作和闲暇,知道怎样不受压抑。?
  5.The young do not assume their responsibility; they evade it.年轻人不承担责任;他们逃避责 任。?
  6.The young are concerned only with making money. 年轻人只顾赚钱。?
  7.The young should feel grateful to the older generation who have created the good life for them. 老一代人为年轻人创造美好生活,年轻人对此应该感激。?
  8.The old provide the young with a good education and money to spend. 老年人为年轻人提供教 育和需要花的钱。?
  9.Young people’s outlook on the world is very bleak and they are skeptical of everything. 年轻人 的世界观非常消极,而且他们对一切都持怀疑态度。?
  10.Young people are unstable. They are cocksure. 年轻人不稳。他们过于自信。
On Generation Gap? ?
Generation gap refers to the lack of understanding between generations caused by their different attitudes and experiences. It is a common phenomenon that exists everywhere and has a great influence on the relationship between generations. People of different generations are likely to have different views and responses on the same issues. Owing to different experiences, the young and the old have much to disagree on. Young people on average favor changes and new ideas, while old people are usually conservative, sticking to traditional principles and old ideas, and looking down on young people’s innovative behaviors and radical ideas. This often causes obstacles between them. They have great difficulty in reaching an agreement while arguing on something. This often occurs in most families. Different opinions between parents and children usually end in quarreling.? Generation gap may result in some negative influence unless we deal with it properly. The young and the old should find more that they can share, and they should understand each other rather than condemning the weak points. Thus the gap may become narrower and have little effect on their work and relation between generations. 【学习要点】? ① on average 一般,平均? ② conservative 保守的? ③ stick to traditional principles 坚持传统原则? ④ innovative 革新的,更新的? ⑤ radical 激进的;根本的;激进分子? ⑥ condemn 谴责,责备;判刑?
&11 Honesty 诚实

  1.Honesty is the best policy. (prov.) 诚实乃上策。?
  2.Honesty is placed above jewels and treasures. (prov.) 诚实重于珠宝。?
  3.Frankness is the child of honesty and courage. (prov.) 坦诚是诚实和勇敢之子。
  4.He is wise who is honest. (prov.) 诚实者才是聪明人。?
  5.Hard workers are usually honest; industry lifts them above temptation. ?Bobee? 勤奋之人一般都老实,因为勤奋足以使人不受诱惑。 ??博维?
  6.Knavery may serve for a turn, but honesty is best at long run.(prov.) 狡诈也许好用一时,但诚实永远最好。?
  7.You can’t fool all the people all the time. 你不可能永远欺骗所有的人。?
  8.Honesty is a virtue admired everywhere, while dishonesty is generally despised and condemned. 诚实在任何地方都是倍受仰慕的美德,而不诚实却广为人们唾弃和谴责。
  9.His principal virtue is his honesty. He is always honest in whatever he tells us. We should follow suit to be honest in all we do.他的主要美德是他的诚实。他无论告诉我们什么事情,都是坦诚 的。我们要像他那样,做任何事情都应坦诚。?
  10.People are ready to help and make friends with honest persons whereas a liar is not believed even when he speaks the truth.人们乐意帮助和结交诚实人,而撒谎者甚至在说实话时也不被 相信。
My View On Honesty? ?
Honesty refers to the quality of a person who tells the truth and works without



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