Secret student police
Curriculum focus:
Character building: keeping good relationship with others; encouraging solve problems in different ways
Language knowledge: learning to describe something new and fresh
?Do you think school a safe place?
?Have you ever met anything unfair or bad on campus?
?What will you do if you find these kinds of things?
While reading

  1. Choose the best answer
  1) Who are the boys with black glasses? (C) A. They are gangsters. B. They are teachers. C. They are “school policemen”. D. They are policemen.

  2) When did the school policemen work? (D) A. In class. B. After class. C. During school breaks. D. B and C.

  3) What did the school policemen do?
A. They wanted to stop the bullies from beating the students. B. They wanted to stop the bullies from taking the students’ money. C. They wanted to help the bullies . D. Both A and B.

  4) Do the students or the teachers know who the school policemen are? A. Both. B. Neither. C. Only the students. D. The teachers and the parents only. (D)

  5) Is the school safe now?
A. Yes. It’s much safer than before. B. No, it’s the same as it used to be. C. Sometimes it’s safe. D. We don’t know.

  2. Tell true (T for true) or false (F for false) according to the passage.
  1) The bullies would help the students in the school. F
  2) Everybody can ask the school policemen for help. F
  3) The school policemen aren't afraid of the bullies. T
  4) The school has nothing to do with the bullies. F
  5) The school policemen have done a lot to keep the school safe. T

  1. Fill in the blanks with the proper phrases given.
used to/have problems with/take out/ask…for… from that time on/with the help of/know about take away/at once/be afraid of
  1) When you have a problem at school, you can ask the teacher for help .

  2) When he saw his father waiting for him at the school gate, he ran to him at once .

  3) Jim has made great progress in English with the help of the teacher.

  4) Do you know about the man with glasses?
  5) My hometown used to be very dirty, but it isn’t now.
  6) Who put the rubbish here? Please take it away.
  7) I don’t do well in math. I have problems with learning it.
  8) Don’t be afraid of the dog. Don’t you hear the saying “Barking dogs don’t bite”?
  9) I left my hometown ten years ago. From that time on I didn’t go back.
  10) The boy took out a pen and began to write.

  2. Translate the words or phrases in bold letters:

  1). The school used to have problems with the bullies.
(n.) 欺凌弱小的人

  2). The 16-year-old was bullied once when he was younger.
(v.) 被欺负

  3). The boys were taken away.
(v.) 被带走

  4). The man took it away and then gave it to the teacher.

  5). The boys usually work during school breaks or after class.
(n.) 休息,课间 休息,

  6). “Who broke the window?” asked the teacher.
Grammar points:

  1. Chen Haijun, the head of school security, had a good idea. *此句中the head of school security 是主语的同位语, 是进一步 此句中the 是主语的同位语, 此句中 补充说明主语的身份的. 可以充当同位语的有名词, 代词, 补充说明主语的身份的. 可以充当同位语的有名词, 代词, 数 形容词等. 词, 形容词等. e.g. Then we three, Jim, Kate and myself, began to get ready for the trip.
  2. The 16-year-old was bullied once when he was younger. 属于被动语态。 *此句中be bullied属于被动语态。被动语态的结构是be done 此句中be bullied属于被动语态 被动语态的结构是be 这种形式, 要求谓语动词必须为及物动词。 这种形式, 要求谓语动词必须为及物动词。 e.g. The classroom was cleaned up in 5 minutes .
Post reading

  1. Speaking: Is there something new or something
interesting in your school? Talk about this with your partners.

  2. Discussion: Are there any problems in your school?
What good ideas do you have to do with them?



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