专 四 词 汇 考 点 串 讲
  10) 历年真题详解( )
  66. Due to personality , the two colleagues never got on well in work.2010 A. contradiction B. conflict C. confrontation D. competition 答案 B. 考查名词辨析。Contradiction 意为“矛盾”,指比较抽象的,在观点、意见上的矛盾;conflict 意为“冲 突”,比矛盾强烈,且可以是针锋相对的,公开的。由句中的 never got on well in work 可以判断,两人积怨已 深,personality conflict 指“性格矛盾”,故选 B。句意:由于性格冲突,这两个同事在工作上从未相处融洽过。
  67. During the summer vacation, kids are often seen hanging in the streets.2010 A. about B. on C. over D. Out 答案 D. 考查固定搭配。hang out 意为“出外玩儿、闲逛”;hang about 意为“逗留,徘徊”;hang on 意为“握住 不放,坚持,不挂断”;hang over 意为“延续,威胁”。故选 D。句意:暑假时,孩子们经常被看到在街上闲 玩儿。
  68. There were 150 at the international conference this summer.2010 A. spectators B. viewers C. participants D. onlookers 答案 C. 本题为名词辨析题。spectator 意为“观众”;viewer 意为“电视观众、检查员”;participants 意为“参与 者”;onlooker 意为“旁观者”。句中提到的是 international conference,显然应该指参会者,故选 C。句意:今 年夏天,有 150 人出席该国际会议。
  69. School started on a cold day in February.
A. severe B. bitter C. such D. frozen 答案 B. 本题为形容词辨析题。这里需要一个副词来修饰形容词 cold。只有选项 B 中的 bitter 是副词,有“极 其”之意,a bitter cold day 表示“极其寒冷的一天”,故选 B。severe 意为“严重的”,frozen 意为“冰冻的”,故排 除。若用 such 的话,应为 such a cold day,故排除。句意:学校在二月份的一个酷寒天开学了。
  70. In the face of unexpected difficulties, he demonstrated a talent for quick, action.2010 A. determining B. defensive C. demanding D. decisive 答案 D. 本题为形容词辨析题。decisive 意为“果断的”,句中的 quick 和 decisive 构成近义关系,符合语义衔 接关系,故选 D。determining 是 determine 的现在分词,不能用作形容词;defensive 意为“防御的,保卫的“; demanding 意为“要求高的,吃力的”。均不符合句意,故排除。句意:面对意想不到的困难,他显示了迅速 果断采取行动的才能。
  71. The team has been working overtime on the research project .2010 A. lately B.just now C. late D. long ago 答案 A. 本题为副词辨析题。Lately 意为“近来”,是用于完成时的一个时间状语,与句中的现在完成进行时吻 合,故选 A。句意:该小组最近一直加班进行该项目研究。
  72. Because of the economic crisis, industrial output in the region remained.2010 A. motionless B. inactive C. stagnant D. immobile 答案 C. 本题为形容词辨析题。motionless 意为“不动的,静止的”,immobile 意为“不动的,静止的,固定的”, inactive 意为“不活动的,怠惰的”。stagnant 意为“不景气的”,指“状况不好,没有进步”,尤其是指经济状况 不好,符合本句语境,故选 C。句意:由于经济危机,该地区的工业生产停滞不前。
  73. The police had difficulty in the fans from rushing on to the stage to take photos with the singer.2010 A. limiting B. restraining C. confining D. restricting 答案 B. 本题为动词辨析题。limit,restrict 和 confine 为近义词。limit 一般指事先确定空间、时间或数量的极 限;restrict 意为“限制”,指限制某物的大小、数量等。confine 侧重施加不可逾越的限制,有时暗示束缚、囚 禁。restrain 意为“阻止,抑制”,通常与 from 搭配,表示“阻止某人做某事”,符合此处语义和语法关系,故选 B。句意:警察经常很难阻止歌迷冲到舞台上和歌手照相。
  74. Joan is in the dorm, putting the final to her speech.2010 A. details B. remarks C. comments D. touches 答案 D. 考查固定搭配。put the final touches to 为固定搭配,意为“做最后的修饰,完成最后的细节”,其他几 词均无此搭配关系,故选 D。句意:琼在宿舍里,对演讲稿进行最后的修改。
  75. His in gambling has eventually brought about his ruin.2010 A. indulgence B. habit C. action D. engagement 答案 A. 考查固定搭配。Indulgence 意为“沉迷,沉溺于”,与 in 搭配使用。本句中的沉迷赌博和后面的 ruin 构成因果关系,故选 A。句意:对于赌博的沉迷让他最终沉沦。
  76. The teacher told the students to stay in the classroom and they did .2010 A. absolutely B. accidentally C. accordingly D. accurately 答案 C. 本题为副词辨析题。 absolutely 意为“绝对地, 完全地”; accidentally 意为“偶然地, 意外地”; accurately 意为“准确地,精确地”。accordingly 意为“照着,相应地”,由句中的 and 可以看出学生并未不听老师的话, 故选 C。句意:老师告诉学生们待在教室里,学生照做了。
  77. You can actually see the deer at close range while driving through that area. The italicized phrase means .2010 A. clearly B. very near C. quickly D. very hard 答案 B. 考查固定搭配。at close range 意为“接近地,近距离地”,故选 B。句意:实际上在开车经过那一地区 时,你能够近距离地看到鹿。
  78. He listened hard but still couldn't what they were talking about.2010 A. make over B. make up C. make upon D. make out 答案 D. 考查固定搭配。make over 意为“转让”;make up 意为“补足,构成;化妆”;make upon 意为“在…获 利,在…上赚钱”。make out 意为“理解”,从句中的 he listened hard 以及 but 可以判断,后面的结果与 listened hard 应有的结果不一致,即没听懂,故选 D。句意:他仔细听了,但还是没能理解他们在谈论什么。

  79. For the advertised position, the company offers a(n) salary and benefits package.2010 A. generous B. plentiful C. abundant D. sufficient 答案 A. 本题为形容词辨析题。 plentiful 意为“大量的, 丰富的”; abundant 意为“丰富的, 充裕的”, 语气比 plentiful 强, 数量比 plentiful 多; sufficient 意为“足够的”。 generous 意为“丰富的”, 是指 larger or more than the usual size or amount”之意,从句意可知,这里是介绍该职位的优厚条件,因此 a generous salary 是指优厚的薪酬及高福 利。故选 A。句意:对于广告上的招聘职位,公司提供丰厚的薪水和高福利。
  80. As there was no road, the travelers up a rocky slope on their way back.2010 A. ran B. hurried C. scrambled D. crawled 答案 C. 本题为动词辨析题。crawl 意为“爬行”,是指贴地而爬;run 意为“奔跑”;hurry 意为“匆忙,赶快”。 Scramble 意为“攀爬”。由于句中提到的是 slope,从而可判断此处说的是攀爬,故选 C。句意:由于没有路, 旅行者在回来的路上爬了一个岩石斜坡。 2009
  66. During the TV interview, the singer announced that he was going to his new album soon.2009 A. release B. renew C. relieve D. rehearse 答案 A。发布唱片只能用 release 。Release 发表(消息); 发行(影片)。renew 使更新, 使恢复。relieve 减轻, 解 除。rehearse 预演, 排演。
  67. Afterworking for the firm for ten years, he finally the rank of deputy director.2009 A. achieved B. approached C. attained D. acquired 答案 C。指获得什么职位时应用 attain。Attain 正式用语,常用于一般人的能力不易达到的目地。achieve 一 般用于获得成功或成就,褒义行很强。Approach 意为接近,靠近;即将达到,表示的是一种还未实现的状态。 acquire 指经过不懈努力才获得的技术,知识等抽象的东西,也指养成习惯等。
  68. Winter is the season at most hotels in this seaside town, because very few tourists come to stay.2009 A. slow B. slack C. low D. quiet 答案 B。slack season 是习惯用语,意为“淡季”。
  69. Come on, Jack, tell me the story. Don't keep me in .2009 A. suspense B. suspending C. suspension D. suspender 答案 A。keep sb. in suspense 是习语,意为“让某人心神不宁”。
  70. The football match was because of the heavy rain.2009 A. called over B. called up C. called out D. called off 答案 D。call off 取消。called up 召唤, 使想起, 提出, 打电话给。call out 出动, 唤起, 大声叫唤。
  71. We had a good time there, and the food was plentiful and 20
  09. A. conducive B. wholesome C. helpful D. appreciative 答案 B。 表示有益于健康的食物, 只能用 wholesome。 conducive 意为“有助于…”, 通常指学习方面。 Appreciative 意为“有鉴别力的, 有眼力的; 有欣赏力的”。
  72. It was strange that she would such an absurd idea.2009 A. allow B. stick C. take D. entertain 答案 D。“entertain an idea”为习惯用法,意为“抱有一种…的想法”。
  73. The scientists have made an study of the viruses that cause the disease.2009 A. exhausted B. exhausting C. exhaustive D. exhaustion 答案 C。 exhaustive 是形容词, 意为“完全的”、 “彻底的” thorough or complete ) 与之经常搭配的词有 work, ( , inquiries, research, study, investigation, treatment 等。 exhausted 是过去分词, 意为“空竭的”、 “疲惫的” (fatigued or tired) 用作表语形容词, , 放在连系动词之后。 exhausting 是现在分词, 作形容词使用, 意为“使竭尽的”、 “使 疲惫的”(to make empty or tire out ) 。与之经常搭配使用的词有 day, job, task, experiment 等。
  74. Do you own your apartment or are you a ?2009 A. tenant B. customer C. client D. proprietor 答案 A。根据语境,这里应该选择 tenant 承租人。proprietor 意为“所有者, 经营者,业主”。

  75. Representatives from the companies indicated that they should go on working together in .2009 A. unity B. entity C. partners D. partnership 答案 A。in unity 为固定短语,意为“同心协力,团结一致”。
  76. We all know that Mary has had a strict .2009 A. growth B. upbringing C. development D. cultivation 答案 B。这里指的是家教很严,所以应选 B。upbringing 抚育, 教养
  77. The drink was packaged in champagne bottles and was being as the real stuff.2009 A. passed out B. passed by C. passed over D. passed off 答案 D。这里指的是用香槟酒瓶子装饮料来冒充真品,故选 D。pass off 冒充。pass out 昏倒, 死。pass by 经 过, 掠过。pass over 忽略, 省略。
  78. Last Sunday she came to visit us out of the blue. The italicized phrase means2009 A. unexpectedly B. unhappily C. untidily D. unofficially 答案 A。 out of the blue 为习语,意为“突然地”。
  79. The person he interviewed was his former schoolmate.2009 A. no other than B. no more than C. none other than D. none the less 答案 C。句意:他上周采访的人不是别人,正是他校友。None other than 不是别的, 正是...;no other than 只 有;no more than 只是;none the less 依然。
  80. The young employee has a(n) quality - he is totally honest.2009 A. respectable B. admirable C. decent D. approachable 答案 C。此题需要根据语境进行选择,这里指的是年轻的员工,并非 employer,用其他词不合适。decent 正 派的,道德上正直的。respectable 可敬的, 有名望的, 高尚的, 值得 尊敬的。admirable 令人倾佩的, 值 的赞美的。approachable 可接近的, 平易近人的, 亲切的。 2008
  66. When he first started in university, he really felt at with his major ? economics.2008 A. Shore B. Bank C. Ocean D. sea 答案 D. at sea 是固定搭配,表示“茫然,不知所措”。句意:他开始上大学时对自己所学的经济学专业确实感 到很茫然。
  67. On the road motorists should be aware of cyclists and be towards them.2008 A. Considerable B. Considering C. Considerate D. considered 答案 C. 同一词根衍生出来的形容词辨析。 considerate 意为“考虑他人的, 体恤别人的, 考虑周详的”=thoughtful; considerable 意为“相当的,可观的,数目庞大的”;considered 和 considering 分别是动词 consider 的过去分词 和现在分词,不符语境,不做形容词,故排除。句意:在路上,开车者应该注意并考虑到骑车的人。
  68. Sally was a bit shy, but the teacher found her quite discussing a recent film with others.2008 A. at home B. at most C. at house D. at heart 答案 A. at home 意为“舒适。 无拘束”; most 意为“最多, at 不超过”; heart 意为“在内心里, at 在本质上”; house at 不是固定搭配。句意:萨利有点儿害羞,但是老师发现她在和别人讨论一部新电影时非常从容。
  69. The company has capitalized the error of judgment made by its busine



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   本文由luolongfeicom贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 大学英语六级考试翻译应试指导 王长喜 许卉艳 1、概述 教育部最新六级考试大纲(1999 年)对翻译的要求是:能借助词典将难度略低于课文 的英语短文译成汉语,理解正确,译文达意,译速为每小时 300 英语单词。能借助词典将内 容熟悉的汉语文字材料译成英语,译文达意,无重大语言错误,译速为每小时 250 汉字。 “英译汉”是从 1996 年 1 月起在大学英 ...


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